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A monthly feature from MFD's Prevention Officer that highlights safety tips and reminders about common causes of fires and hazards in the home and community.  Did you know?  If not, find out here.

May 2017 - DID YOU KNOW?

Handling, transporting and storing gasoline can be risky.

  • A little caution when handling fuel can prevent loss of life, personal injury, and property and environmental damage.

  • Gasoline should only be carried in approved containers certified by agencies such as the Canadian Standards Association or Underwriters’ Laboratories of Canada.

  • Allow equipment to cool down for a few minutes before refuelling.

  • Never leave a gas container in direct sunlight or in the trunk of a car.

  • Do not leave gasoline in the basement of your home. Store fuel in approved containers in a detached garage or shed.

  • Containers should never be filled right to the top. Gasoline expands in warmer temperatures and spillage may occur.

  • Gasoline should be used only as a fuel. Never use it as a cleaning solvent.

  • Keep a BC Class fire extinguisher handy. Water will spread the flames of a gasoline-based fire.

  • The best way to dispose of gasoline is to use it up. If gasoline must be discarded, be sure to take it to the hazardous waste disposal centre.

  • Never pour gasoline onto the ground, down sewers or into drains.

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