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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Municipal Development Corporation / Midland Bay Landing

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Municipal Development Corporation / Midland Bay Landing.. 

midland bay landing..BACKGROUND

Midland Bay Landing (formerly the Unimin Lands) is a 16.24 hectare waterfront redevelopment property with almost 1,100 metres of frontage on Midland Bay, of Georgian Bay, adjacent to Downtown Midland.  In June 2013, Council approved the Unimin Waterfront Lands Master Plan to guide the future redevelopment of this significant brownfield site.​  The Master Plan was developed over the course of 6 months and included extensive public participation through public meetings, social media, and written comments.  A contest was held to select a name for the development and Midland Bay Landing was chosen as the winning entry.   

In order to lead the redevelopment of Midland Bay Landing, the Town of Midland acquired the site on July 15, 2014 for a purchase price of $3.4 million.  A Waterfront Development Steering Committee wsa established to monitor the project on behalf of Town Council.

An extensive process of identifying potential users and developers was held over a period of months and a Request for Expression of Interest was issued by the Town in July, 2014.  This resulted in the selection of Mountain Ridge Estates as the developer of the property. ​

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by both parties for a period of 2 years. 


The Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation was incorporated on April 11, 2018.


Midland Council has approved the creation of a Municipal Services/Development Corporation for the Midland Bay Landing development. Midland Bay Landing (formerly the Unimin Lands) is a 16.24 hectare waterfront redevelopment property that the Town acquired in July 2014 for a purchase price of $3.4 million. 

One of the final steps in the process leading up to the consideration of the Municipal Services/Development Corporation was a Public Open House held on October 30, 2017. The Staff report summarized the feedback received and presented the Business Case for Council’s final consideration and approval. 

The Town will now proceed to incorporate the new entity. Following the creation of the Company, Council will be asked to approve the shareholder direction along with a process to identify and populate the Board of Directors. It is anticipated that these matters will be presented to Council for consideration and approval in the early part of the New Year. 

Mayor Gord McKay noted that, “the creation of a Municipal Development/Services Corporation for the Midland Bay Landing site will support the vision which Council and the community have created for the site. This initiative supports Council’s Strategic Plan Priority of Economic Development and Tourism, it is clear that the Midland Bay Landing project holds the potential to be a significant economic driver for the Town, and is a vital component in support of the future of the Downtown.” 

The work of the Municipal Services/Development Corporation will be guided by the approved Midland Bay Landing Waterfront Master Plan, which incorporates public waterfront access and public amenities that will remain a legacy for the community to enjoy well into the future. 

The Town of Midland is committed to making information available about the new Corporation on the municipal website at as it becomes available.


Midland Council and the Mountain Ridge Estates Development Inc. have agreed to terminate their agreement respecting the Midland Bay Landing development.  The two-year old Memorandum of Understanding (which laid out a timetable for various initiatives) has been mutually terminated by the parties. 

Although the business arrangement has come to an end, the Town still retains ownership and control of this prime waterfront asset.  While the project did not unfold as anticipated, the Town notes that there have been a number of positive outcomes over the course of this arrangement. 

  • The Town retains a $250,000 security deposit specific for future site remediation and environmental clean-up. 

  • The Town's internal carrying costs over the 2-year period of the agreement were paid by the developer. 

  • An Official Plan Amendment as well as various aspects of the Waterfront Master Plan has been adopted, allowing the conversion of the industrial waterfront site into a vibrant mixed-use waterfront neighbourhood.

  • Then Town has developed a draft Community Improvement Plan (CIP) which contemplates financial incentives for future development of this site.

  • The lands have now been converted into Absolute Titles (Land Titles), providing future ownership the security and knowledge that ownership is certified.   

  • The Town has also developed a streamlined planning and approval process for this site that will include further consultation with the community.

  • The Midland Bay Landing development opportunity continues to appreciate in value given it is Midland's prime waterfront real estate.  An asset that is a jewel in Midland's real estate portfolio.


For real estate and development inquiries please contact John Skorobohacz CAO, Town of Midland.

For inquiries related to MBLDC please contact​ Amanpreet Sidhu​, Director of Corporate Services/Town Solicitor, ​Town of Midland.

For inquiries related to the Municipal Comprehensive Review and Official Plan Amendment process please contact Wesle​y Crown, Director of Planning, Town of Midland. 


Board Member Recruitment 

The Town of Midland is now reviewing​ applications for board members for the Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation Board of Directors.

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Municipal Development/Services Corporation


Midland Council has approved the creation of a Municipal Services/Development Corporation for the Midland Bay Landing development.  Midland Bay Landing (formerly the Unimin Lands) is a 16.24 hectare waterfront redevelopment property - our most significant land holding within the Town.

Public Open House

The Town held a Public Open House on October 30th, 2017.  The Town's Consultant, Don May, provided a presentation (which was also provided to Council on October 10th, 2017), followed by a Q&A period. 

What is a Municipal Development/Services Corporation?

A Municipal Development Corporation (MDC) is an entity which the municipality can create under the provisions of the Municipal Act.  The Town would retain complete and full ownership of the corporation. Municipalities have authority under the Municipal Act to create MDCs for any of the following purposes: ​

  • Promotion of the municipality;

  • Acquisition, development and disposal of sites in the municipality for residential, commercial and industrial uses;

  • Public transportation systems;

  • Residential Housing;

  • General Parking Facilities;

  • Small Business Counselling;

  • Community Improvement Plan Administration;

  • Improvement, beautification and maintenance of municipally owned land, buildings and structures;

  • Convention and Visitor information bureaus; and

  • Provision of culture and heritage systems.

Why a MDC for Midland?

  • Creation of a MDC provides Midland with a corporate structure to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) of strategic land assets such as Midland Bay Landing;

  • It allows the Town to pursue investors to stimulate economic development concerning Town-owned assets;

  • A MDC would separate the role of Policy “Development/Creation” and “Execution” by establishing a Board of Directors to make decisions based upon Council’s strategic guidance and input;

  • A MDC would provide the ability to continue business surrounding land development without interruption during municipal election periods (i.e. lame-duck council).

Have other municipalities created these MDCs?

Yes. For various reasons other municipalities have undertaken the option to create a MDC:​

  • City of Ottawa (Ottawa Community Lands Development Corporation); 

  • City of Guelph (Guelph Municipal Holdings Corporation – including a Community Energy Corporation, Guelph Hydro, and Community Development Corporation); 

  • City of Toronto (Build Toronto – Designed to enhance Toronto’s competitiveness);

  • City of North Bay (Invest North Bay – economic development);

  • Town of Innisfil (InnServices Utilities Inc. – delivery of water and wastewater services);

  • City of London (Housing Development Corporation).

  • Town of Welland (land development initiatives)​

MDC Documents

Press Releases

Waterfront Lands Master Plan

Municipal Comprehensive Review

Memorandum of Agreement with Mountain Ridge Estates Development Inc.

Implementing Official Plan Amendment


Environmental Reports


 Midland Bay Landing Steering Committee

Midland Bay Landing Steering Committee Members

Council Representatives
Mayor Gord McKay (Chair)
Councillor George ​MacDonald
Councillor Jonathan Main

Community Representatives
Burke Penny 
Bill Kernohan
Ted Symons

Town of Midland Staff
John Skorobohacz (CAO)
Amanpreet Sidhu (Director of Corporate Services/Town Solicitor)
Wesley Crown (Director of Planning & Building Services)
Andy Campbell (Director of Engineering & Water/Wastewater Services)
Susan Turnbull (Director of Finance/Treasurer)
Shawn Berriault (Director of Operations, Parks & Facilities)
Madelaine Twitchin (Recording Secretary)


Meeting Minutes