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We have now hit this important stage in the development of the new Official Plan for the Town of Midland.  It is essential that anyone who feels that they have something to contribute on the draft Official Plan during the public consultation process to comment on its provisions. 

All comments by the public will be considered in detail by the OPR Steering Committee and, if necessary, further drafting will be undertaken. Public comment and input is an important and critical part of the preparation of the new Official Plan for the Town of Midland.

Stay tuned this summer for opportunities to:

+ Learn about, discuss and comment on the Draft Official Plan.
+ Check the project website for updates on specific consultation events and to sign up for our email list.
Join us for a dedicated event addressing Midland’s proposed Natural Heritage System (TBD)

Want to keep in touch about the Official Plan Review? 

If you are on our email list we will keep you updated with all the happenings on the OPR including: Newsletters, release of documents (including the Plan), and public notices and invites to upcoming events and meetings.  Send an email with your name and address to


The Official Plan is Midland’s long-term planning document.  Under Ontario’s Planning Act, municipalities are required to review their Official Plan every five years. Midland’s current Official Plan was approved in 2003.

Through the Official Plan Review process, the Town is providing a forum for community discussion about the future of Midland by talking about growth, affordable housing, urban neighbourhoods design, commercial/employment lands, infrastructure, the waterfront, roads, trails, sidewalks and cycling routes, natural areas and parks.

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 The Town of Midland has launched its five year review of its Official Plan to bring the Official Plan into conformity with various Provincial and County legislation and policies.

In May of 2015 the Town issued a Request For Proposals (RFP) to hire a consulting firm to prepare the Official Plan Review. Click here for the Terms of Reference for this RFP.

In July of 2015 the Town retained the services of The Planning Partnership in association with Municipal Planning Services, Plan B Natural Heritage, and urbanMetrics. Click here for The Planning Partnership Proposal.

The proposed work plan for the Official Plan Review has been organized into six phases and is expected to be completed by September 2017.  More information here:  Work Plan Overview - October 2016

 Steering Committee

Committee Members

Community Representatives:​​​​​​Councillors​:
John BrousseauJonathan MainWard 1
Ron NeumannGeorge MacDonald, Ward 1
Bill KernohanGlen Canning, Ward 2
Stewart Strathearn​, Ward 3

Staff Resources

Wes Crown
Director of Planning and Building Services

Shawn Berriault 
Director of Operations

Sherri Edgar
Executive Assistant, Planning and Building Services

Terms of Reference


The Official Plan Review Steering Committee shall guide the Town’s Official Plan Review (OPR) project and advise and assist the Town’s selected consultant and Town staff in completing the project in accordance with the approved of OPR Terms of Reference (attached). The Committee is to consider input from the public and provide recommendations to Council on the suitability of the Discussion Papers and Draft documents for public consultation and in respect of adoption of a new Official Plan for the Town of Midland. The Committee will provide regular updates to Council. 


The Committee shall consist of four (4) Members of Council and three (3) community representatives, with the Chief Administrative Officer, Director of Planning and Building Services, Town Engineer, Director of Operations, and Director of Corporate Services (or their alternates) and other staff, as required, attending in an advisory capacity. APPOINTMENTS The Members shall be appointed by Council for a term to coincide with the term of project. The OPR Project is expected to take approximately 18 months and will terminate with Council adoption of the new Official Plan for the Town of Midland. 


The Committee shall meet as required by the OPR Terms of Reference, with additional meetings to be called by the Chair as required for review of particular matters or issues. 


The Committee shall report directly to Council and shall be responsible for the following: 

a) Provide advice and guidance to the selected consultant on the completion of the OPR Project; 

b) review and provide input and comment on all draft reports, Discussion Papers, communications and consultation plans, and the various drafts of the proposed Official Plan; 

c) provide appropriate recommendations to Council on the appropriateness of all documents for public consultation purposes and recommend to Council the final version of an Official Plan suitable for adoption by the Town of Midland.


Minutes of the Committee meetings shall be recorded by the secretary/resource person and shall be approved by the Committee at the next meeting and forwarded to Council via the Council Information Package. Specific reports and/or recommendations by the Committee will be presented to Council by the applicable municipal staff representative by way of a staff report at the next Planning and Development Committee of Council. 


a) Secretary/Resource Person; and 

b) Other Municipal Staff as required ​

 Agendas, Minutes and Presentations

 Consultation Meetings and Events

April 11, OP Steering Committee Meeting

Council Meeting - February 7, 2018

Council Meeting - May 31, 2016

Visioning Workshop November 16, 2015

Vision Statement Report

What We Heard Summary – Community Forum – September 22, 2016


Communications Plan

Planning Issues Reports

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