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​Media Release Town of Midland celebrates the on-time completion of construction for Phase 2 of the King Street Rejuvenation Project

November 27, 2020 – The Town of Midland celebrated the completion of construction for Phase 2 of the King Street Rejuvenation Project today at a road reopening ceremony held on King Street. The road is expected to be fully reopened to vehicle traffic on Monday, November 30.

The $14 million “big dig” project saw Midland’s main street dug up from Yonge Street north to Bayshore Drive, to replace underground infrastructure (storm/sanitary systems, and watermains), create a new road alignment that allows for a flexible configuration along the street for parking and events, and to make the roadway completely accessible with mountable curbs and upgraded traffic signals.

"This is a great day for the Town of Midland, in a year when we could really use some good news,” said Mayor Stewart Strathearn. “Over four years ago we set out to undertake this project, and through the hard work of our staff and contractors we’re happy to say the construction portion of this project has been completed on time. More importantly, given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, this portion of the project has been completed safely, a testament to the protocols our contractors have put in place in order to continue with this project as planned.”

The King Street Rejuvenation Project started in earnest in 2016 with design work and public consultation taking place over the following years. In 2019, the first phase of construction began, which was a proactive measure to complete the northern end of King Street at Bayshore Drive. By doing so it allowed Bayshore Drive, a major east-west roadway, to remain open in 2020 during Phase 2 of the project.

“This project has had a major impact on the town and will continue to do so as we move forward,” said Andy Campbell, Executive Director of Infrastructure & Environment. “Our downtown businesses have been impacted by the closure of King Street, and even though we could plan for this project what we couldn’t plan for was COVID-19. Successfully completing this portion of the project on time, during the pandemic will alleviate added impact on businesses next year. In addition, the town now has a modern underground infrastructure along King Street, which will operate much more effectively than the nearly century-old infrastructure​ it replaced.”

In 2021 the King Street Rejuvenation Project will be fully completed with aesthetic and beautification work being done, consisting of tree and garden planting, bench installations and more.

“Thank you to our staff and our contractors, Arnott Construction Ltd, Tatham Engineering and EnvisionTatham, and their staff for their hard work over the course of this project. King Street has been the focal point of much of Midland’s rich history, and this rejuvenated main street will help maintain that and provide a top attraction for visitors to our region for years to come, added Mayor Strathearn. “I would also like to thank our downtown businesses for their patience and cooperation throughout this process, and our residents for their continued support of our local businesses during both the construction and COVID-19 pandemic.”

For more information on the King Street Rejuvenation Project, please visit EngagingMidland.ca/KingStreet-Rejuvenation.​

2020 Updates

Phase 2​ Update - Elizabeth St. at King St. to close, Dominion Avenue to re-open​ - July 15, 2020

Beginning on Monday, July 20, Elizabeth Street will be closed at King Street as Phase 2 of the King Street Rejuvenation Project progresses south. As part of this, Dominion Avenue will be re-opened to allow cross traffic. See below for an updated road closure map.

King Street between Elizabeth Street and Yonge Street will be closed except for local traffic, so parking lots/spots and driveways can be accessed. Arnott Construction Ltd. will be working with property owners to provide access as much as possible. Questions can be directed to Sara Shaw, Public Relations Officer for Arnott Construction Ltd at king@arnottgroup.com.

A transit detour map will be provided shortly.

Updated Phase 2 Road Closur​e Map - July 15, 2020​​​​

Mid-Pen Transit Detour Map​ (Updated as of July 23, 2020)

Phase 2 Update - Road Closures expanding south to Elizabeth Street - May 15, 2020

Phase 2 of the King Street Rejuvenation project is progressing well, and as a result the current road closure on King Street, from Bayshore Drive to Hugel Avenue, will be expanded beginning on Tuesday, May 19. 

Starting on Tuesday, May 19, Hugel Avenue will be closed between Borsa Lane and Bourgeois Lane so that work can be done underneath this intersection. Beginning on Monday, May 25, the road closure will extend south to Elizabeth Street, resulting in King Street being completely closed from Bayshore Drive south to Elizabeth Street. 

Bayshore Drive, Elizabeth Street and Yonge Street will remain open to vehicular traffic during this time.

Notice to Residents & Business Owners

Updated Phase 2 Road Closure Map​ - May 15, 2020

Phase 2 Update - Work schedule updated, first section of work to extend to Hugel Avenue - April 1, 2020

An alternative work schedule has been created to address the needs of the construction crews doing the Phase 2 work. Starting the week of April 6, the road closure will be extending south to Hugel Avenue. The new work schedule can be viewed here​.

There are​ a few reasons for this change:

  1. It has been determined that additional dewatering of the ground water is required in order to install the underground infrastructure. In order to do so, they need to complete the removals and install well points in​ both the current block and the next block ahead,​ in order to draw the water down. 
  2. Since there has been little activity downtown with most of the businesses being closed, we would like to take the opportunity to move in a second crew ahead of schedule in order to accelerate the schedule. 
  3. In order for two crews to have the space required to work efficiently, as well as work within current COVID​-19 spatial restrictions, the space of the extra block is needed.
For more information on the King Street Rejuvenation project, please visit Engaging Midland.

Media Release: Phase 2 of King Street Rejuvenation Project to begin March 30

March 26, 2020 – With the early arrival of spring weather, The Town of Midland is pleased to announce that Phase 2 of the King Street Rejuvenation Project will begin on Monday, March 30, 2020. Continuing where Phase 1 left off in 2019, Phase 2 will see continued work along King Street to replace underground infrastructure, sidewalks, trees and lighting.

"We understand many downtown businesses are impacted by COVID​-19," said Mayor Stewart Strathearn “Moving forward with this project now, as planned, we expect to complete the project this year avoiding any carryover and added disruption in 2021."

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Arnott Construction Ltd., the contractor on the project, is taking all reasonable precautions necessary in order to follow the most up to date industry best practices in order to fight the spread of the virus. Changes have been made to Health & Safety procedures and protocols, as well contingency plans have been put into place. The situation will continue to be monitored and changes will be implemented where necessary.

“In discussions with both Arnott Construction Ltd. and Tatham Engineering, a plan was developed permitting Phase 2 to continue as scheduled, with extra precautions in place given these ever-changing times," said Andy Campbell, Executive Director of Environment & Infrastructure for the Town of Midland. “We encourage the community to continue to support all of the downtown businesses during construction once the COVID-19 restrictions are lifted."​

Phase 2 will be done in one-block increments, with the first block of work being done from Bayshore Drive to Dominion Avenue. The project will continue south, with Elizabeth Street to Yonge Street being the final block. A work schedule and traffic control plan have been posted on Engaging Midland, and more updates will be provided throughout Phase 2. Visit EngagingMidland.ca/King-Street-Rejuvenation for more details.

For more information on the state of COVID-19 in our area, please contact the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit at 705-721-7520 or 1-877-721-7520 or visit their website at simcoemuskokahealth.org.

Update - Phase 2 Pre-Construction Open House

The Town of Midland is holding a King Street Rejuvenation - Phase 2 Pre-Construction Open House.

When: Thursday, March 19, 2020 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Where: North Simcoe Sports & Recreation Centre - Community Hall

*This Open House is drop-in style. There will be no formal presentation.*

The purpose of this Open House is to:

  • Coordinate the upcoming Phase 2 of the rejuvenation project with businesses and downtown residents;
  • Answer questions and explain more about Phase 2, with Town Staff, Tatham Engineering Staff and Arnott Construction Staff available; and
  • Provide construction drawings for the upcoming work, construction sequencing plans, and Traffic Control plans.​
It is recommended that all King Street area businesses attend!

For more information on the King Street Rejuvenation Project please visit our Engaging Midland engagement website.

2019 News & Updates

Update - Phase 1 Construction Complete - Dec. 2019

The intersection of Bayshore Drive and King Street is now open, after the traffic lights were given a green light by inspectors today! With that, the Phase 1 Construction of the King Street R​ejuvenation is now complete!

Phase 2 of the rejuvenation will begin in Spring 2020. Stay tuned for updates as spring gets closer​

Reopened intersection at King Street and Bayshore Drive

Phase 1 Construction - Fall 2019

Arnott Construction will begin preparing the site on September 9th and construction will begin on September 16th. King Street will be closed from north of Bayshore Drive to Bay Street. Sections of Bay Street, both east and west of King Street, will also be closed. A detailed map is provided below. Pedestrian access will be maintained to the store fronts during construction. There may be moments where access to store fronts will be limited due to the nature of the construction, however these times will communicated before hand. Construction is anticipated to be completed by mid-November.​

Road Closure Map

Road Closure Map - King Street and Bayshore Drive
Click here for a larger version.

Transit Detour

During the King Street reconstruction work beginning on Monday, September 16, transit buses will be rerouted to avoid the road closures along Bayshore Drive/Bay Street/King Street. Please refer to the map below for the detour route that will be in effect.​

Mid-Pen Transit Detour Route - September 2019 to December 2019
Click here for a larger version.

Project Background

The Town has been planning the revitalization of King Street from Bayshore Drive to Yonge Street for a number of years. Tatham Engineering was retained to complete the detailed designed work required for this project which resulted in a complete reconstruction of King St.

The reconstruction includes but isn't limited to:

  • New Sanitary System

  • New Storm System

  • New Watermain

  • New Road alignment and parking configurations

  • Reconfiguration as a flexible street design with movable bollards

  • New traffic signals

  • New pedestrian crossings

  • New landscape features

The Town of Midland has a rich history and King Street being the focal point for the town plays a large role in this. This rejuvenation project will help maintain this history as well update the downtown to today's standards and solidify Midland as a leader in North Simcoe and a top tourist destination.​​​