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​​​​​​​​​Midland Police Services Board

What is the Police Services Board?​

Every municipality in Ontario that contracts with the OPP or that has a municipal police force must have a civilia​n police services board. Police services boards are independent bodies established by provincial legislation called the Police Services Ac​t. The boards represent community interests and are accountable to the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services, and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission.​​

How does the OPP Policing in Midland affect the Midland Police Services Board?​​

The Midland Police Service disbanded on February 8, 2018 and the OPP provides contract policing to the Town. The Midland Police Services Board continues to represent community interests in policing. The Board's specific responsibilities are now governed ​by Section 10 of the Police Services Act.

More information on Section 10 Boards​.​

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of the Board?

With OPP policing the Board’s role under Section 10​​ is to:​

  • Participate in the selection of the Detachment Commander of the Southern Georgian Bay Detachment;
  • Generally determi​ne objectives and priorities for police services, after consultation with the Detachment Commander;
  • Establish, after consultation with the Detachment Commander, any local policies with respect to police services (but the board shall not establish provincial policies of the OPP with respect to police services);
  • Monitor the performance of the Detachment Commander;
  • Receive regular reports from the Detachment Commander; and
  • Review the Detachment Commander’s administration of the complaints system under Part V (PSA), and receive regular reports from the Detachment Commander on his or her administration of the complaints system.​

How may I contact the Board?

Citizens may wish to contact the Board to bring forward concerns about crime prevention and public safety within our community.  For inquiries, please contact:

Julie Ellery
Law Clerk, Town of Midland​
705-526-4275 ext. 2206​


If you wish to make a deputation to the MPSB, please use the below form, which includes procedural information.

Deputation Request Form​

Who are the members of the Police Services Board?

The Midland Police Services Board (MPSB) has five(5) members: two members of Town Council, two citizens appointed by the Province as community representatives, and one citizen appointed by Town Council as a community representative.

To be considered for membership by appointment by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, please see the attached application and information sheet​.​​​​

 MPSB Board Members

Current MPSB Board Members

​Midland Police Services Board

The Council members and the citizen appointed by Council serve for the duration of the Counci​l term. 

The provincial ​appointees serve up to three year terms, which expire at various times. At the first meeting each year, the Board appoints a Chairperson for that year.​


George Dixon​
Council Community Appointee​

Deputy Chair

Mayor Stewart Strathearn​
Council Appointee​​​

Deputy Mayor Mike Ross​
Council Appointee​

Provincial Appointee​​​​​

Diana Wasdell
Provincial Appointee​​​

 OPP Contact Information

Highway 12 location


Highway 12 & Beamish Road, Midland

Downtown Midland location


250 Second Street, Midland

OPP Communication Centre


OPP Headquarters, Orillia

Midland Police Service Board Agendas &

​Meeting Minutes are available on CivicWeb. 

Click the buttons below to access them.​​​​​

MPSB Agendas

MPSB Meeting Minutes

MPSB News and Notices

MPSB Documents

MPSB Procedural By-law

​MPSB Procedural By-law 2019-01
(as amended April 29, 2020)

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