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​​​​​​Midland Seniors Council


The Seniors Council mandate is to recommend, advocate or act as a catalyst for the introduction, improvement and enhancement of services for seniors in the Midland area.

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Seniors Council News


​Committee Members

Chair:  Larry Ferris
Vice-Chair:  Jo-Ann Knicely
Secretary:  Frieda Baldwin

Committee Members:  Judith Clapperton, Bryde Desroches, Diane Enns, Christine Johnston, Barbara Knetchel, Deborah Dion-Smith

Town of Midland Resource: Karen Desroches

The members of the Midland Seniors Council are continuously involved in a planning process, which will endeavour to identify the needs of Seniors in this area and how best to service these needs.

For more information about the Midland Seniors Council, please contact:

Karen Desroches
Deputy Clerk, Town of Midland
427 Dominion Avenue
Midland, Ontario   L4R 1R2
Telephone: 705-526-4275; ext. 2208


​The Midland Seniors Council was established in the late 80's by Midland Mayor Ted Symons.

A questionnaire was mailed to every Midland resident, which revealed that Seniors needed bus service to Mountainview Mall.  This service subsequently began, as did a Senior Fair at the Midland Centennial Arena.

Mayor Ted Symons recognized the magnitude of the contributions seniors make to our community.  In April 1992, Martha Dickerson, was awarded the first "Senior Volunteer of the Year Award" by Mayor Ted Symons.

This ceremony persists annually, with nominations coming from the community.​

​Surveys of Local Senior's Needs

The Midland Seniors Council processes surveys from time to time to be kept aware of seniors needs.

The most recent survey addressed the ways to assist seniors so they could remain longer in their own homes. This resulted in the report “Our Town, Our Home” which was presented to the Town Council in December, 2015. They are currently using this report to assist them with the upcoming Official Plan Review and to the Traffic study and the proposed changes resulting from it.

​Public Information through the Media

The Midland Seniors Council is always trying to keep seniors informed on any current information regarding making their lives, better, healthier and safe.  Please check our "Notice Board" on the side of this page for our most current information.

Health and Safety of Seniors

Providing information regarding Seniors' concerns and issues.
Publicize information about services for seniors.
Seniors rights and awareness.

​Information - Services & Opportunities for Seniors

Attending exhibits.
Sponsorship for information sessions.
Internet link with the Town of Midland
In conjunction with other services in Midland.


The Midland Seniors Council is governed by a set of by-laws approved by the Midland Town Council.  These by-laws may be viewed upon request through the Midland Seniors Council.

If you are a citizen of Midland and are interested in becoming a member of the Midland Seniors Council, submit a letter expressing your interest and address it to the Deputy Clerk for the Town of Midland, 575 Dominion Avenue, Midland, Ontario L4R 1R2.