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Town of Midland Parking

The Town of Midland has an extensive parking program. With close to 900 parking spaces located in the downtown core, plus 160 more parking spaces at the Town Dock, the Town of Midland offers ample parking for both employees and visitors. Our downtown core is regulated by parking meters and free 3 hour time limit parking in our 10 municipal parking lots.

All of our meters have a two hour parking limit.

  • Our meter rates are $1.00 per hour
  • Please note that meters will not save or give more time than the maximum allowed.
  • Rates are subject to change

Please do not park in “Permit Parking Only" spaces.  These spaces are reserved for valid permit holders.

Payment of Parking Tickets

​Payment of parking tickets may be made at the Municipal Office located at 575 Dominion Avenue, during business hours (8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday) via phone (Visa or MasterCard), by mail (Cheque) or in person (Cash, debit, credit). After hours, please use our fine box, located to the right of the main doors off of the Third Street entrance.

Veteran Plates

Those with Ontario Veteran License Plates can park for free at the parking meters and in our municipal lots. Please be advised that all other provisions of our parking by-law shall continue to be applicable.

Snow Removal

From November 15th to April 1st of each year, our snow removal parking restrictions come into effect.  Vehicles parked on any street or in a municipal parking lot are subject to being ticketed and towed from 12:01 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.

This by-law section is strictly enforced in order to allow our Operations crew to remove snow from the streets and parking lots quickly and efficiently.  Please adhere to this by-law during the appropriate time frames.

Fire Route

Emergency vehicles and personnel need to respond at a moment's notice and must have free and unobstructed access. Illegally parked vehicles may prevent them from gaining access. Fire routes are generally found on private properties such as shopping malls, schools, townhouse complexes, condominiums, places of worship, nursing homes, hospitals, office buildings, and at public facilities.

$60.00 Set Fine

Parking Complaints

​The Municipal Law Enforcement Officer is available to consider any complaints or concerns regarding a parking infraction and is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. You are encouraged to make an appointment, although it is not required.

Accessible Permit Parking (APP)

​Do not stand, stop or park a vehicle in a parking space for the disabled at anytime.

$300.00 Set Fine

It is illegal to park or stop a vehicle in an area designated as a parking space for the disabled without a permit.  The spaces do not require the symbol on the pavement, only a sign must be displayed. The sign is located adjacent to the parking space.

If you have a disabled permit, it is to be used only by the person to whom it was issued. That person must exit the vehicle while the space is being used.  The disabled person cannot stay in the vehicle and have a non-disabled person use the parking space while running errands.  Temporary permits can be obtained from the Ministry of Transportation for cases such as a broken leg. Please make sure that your Accessible Parking Permit including expiration dates are clear and visible on either the dash or the visor.

Metered Parking at APP Spaces

​All Accessible Permit Parking spaces located in our downtown core are metered. As per our Parking By-law 2010-76, No person shall park a vehicle in such a space unless an Accessible Parking Permit is visually displayed and unless a fee is deposited in the meter controlling such parking space.

APP Spaces in the Downtown Core

​There are approximately 6 Accessible permit parking spaces located Downtown Midland at metered spaces, 1 non-metered at the Post Office and a total of 22 free Accessible permit parking spaces throughout our Municipal parking lots. As well as 6 Accessible permit parking spaces located at the Town Dock.

Parking Tickets

Parking Tickets are issued by the Town of Midland's By-law Enforcement Officers, the Midland Fire Department and the Southern Georgian Bay O.P.P. The majority of the motoring public is very careful about where they park.  There are drivers, however, that are in a hurry, don't check where they have parked, or may be just taking a chance. Parking illegally not only causes an inconvenience to other drivers, it may also cause accidents.  Remember, you, as the owner of a vehicle, are responsible for that vehicle.

Should you receive a parking ticket, you have three options:​

  1. Pay a voluntary payment within seven days,
  2. Pay a set fine (larger amount) within 15 days,
  3. Plead not guilty ASAP within 15 days.

Should you not do anything within 15 days; your ticket will be sent to court.  You will not be notified of a court date.  The court will assess the ticket and should there be no errors found, you may be found guilty and the court will send you a notice of payment due.  If your payment is still outstanding after the payment due date, the court will send notice to the Ministry of Transportation and you will not be able to renew any license plates until the amount due is paid.  Any delay in payment also results in a higher fine from court costs, administration fees, etc.

Should you notify the Town of a not guilty plea, you will receive notice of trial date and you may present your case before the court.

Our Parking Rules

​Our parking rules are very similar as the parking rules found in the Highway Traffic Act, which regulates parking and other aspects of traffic for all highways in Ontario.  Also, by-laws are passed by Town Council to regulate parking. The parking regulations are consistent with others throughout the province.  Although every licensed driver is responsible for knowing the rules of the road, the Town also notifies drivers of our parking regulations in several ways. Signs are posted on our streets and parking lots and various forms of advertising occur throughout the year.

Meter Bags

Parking meter covers can be rented from the Town of Midland to help to reserve parking for events such as weddings, funerals, construction projects, etc.  Please contact the Finance Department at (705) 526-4275 for more information.​


Park or Parking: When prohibited means the standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, except when standing temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading and unloading of merchandise or passengers

Stand or Standing: When prohibited, means the halting of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, except for the purpose of and while actually engaged in receiving or discharging passengers.

Stop or Stopping: When prohibited, means the halting of a vehicle, even momentarily, whether occupied or not, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a Police Officer, or of a traffic control sign or signal.

Do not park on private property without authorization. This includes shopping malls that have signs posted to regulate parking.

Permit Parking

​Permit Parking is available in nine Municipal parking lots located in the downtown core. The yearly permits allow vehicles to park all day, as long as a valid permit parking hanger is visible. Permit parking is also available on First Street and Midland Avenue, between Hugel Avenue and Yonge Street.

Prices vary for each lot and street permit.  Please contact Parking Enforcement for more details.

Phone: 705-526-4275 ext. 2229

Email: klacroix@midland.ca

Municipal Lots

The municipal parking lots offer three hours of free parking and are located in the following areas:

  • Lot 1 - entrance from First Street (South of Hugel behind Borsa's)
  • Lot 2 -  entrance from Bay Street (West of King Street, located across from Lot 7)
  • Lot 3 – entrance from Borsa Lane (South of Dominion Avenue beside Canada Post)
  • Lot 4 - entrance from Dominion Avenue (North side of Dominion Avenue, beside Tim Horton's)
  • Lot 5 - entrance from Midland Avenue (North of Hugel behind Tripp's Paint)
  • Lot 6 - entrance from Midland Avenue (North of Elizabeth behind TD Bank)
  • Lot 7 - entrances from Bay Street and First Street (West of King behind Subway)
  • Lot 8 - entrance from Bay Street (West of First beside Topline Paints)
  • Lot 9 - entrance from Midland Avenue (East side of Midland Avenue behind Bayshore Dental)
  • Lot 10 – entrance from Midland Avenue (between Yonge Street and Elizabeth Street behind Explorer's Café

Parking in the area designated for permit parking without a permit is a fineable offence. To obtain information regarding permit parking, please refer to our 'Contact Us' section.

Map of Municipal Parking Lots in Midland​.

Contact Us

We welcome any suggestions you may have in order to make your shopping or visit to Midland a more pleasant one. Please contact us.

575 Dominion AvenueMidland, Ontario L4R 1R2

Phone: 705-526-4275

​General Administration​ ext. 2212

MLEO ext. 2227

Parking Enforcement ext. 2229

Fax: 705-526-9971​

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