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​​​Town of Midland Strategic Planning
Strategic planning systematically addresses the purpose of the Town of Midland, its internal and external environment, value to stakeholders, plans for action ​and long ter​m financial planning.

Below is a list of strategic/master plans the Town of Midland has created and the projects the Town undertakes are guided by these various plans.

Council's Strategic Priorities

​Strategic planning systematically addresses the purpose of the Town of Midland, its internal and external environment, value to stakeholders, plans for action and long ter​m financial planning. 

The Strategic Plan serves as a roadmap that will take us from where we are today to where we want to be in the coming years.  Please click on the link below to read Council's Strategic Plan. 

2018-2022 Council Strategic Priorities​

Council Strategic Plan web page​​

Midland Transit Operational Review

Parks & Trails Master Plan

The Town of Midland is home to 26 community parks covering 321 acres, as well as 18km of paved and natural trails that offer peaceful and scenic views. These well-maintained environments include urban forests, naturalized areas, and formal landscapes. There are many places to enjoy physical activities such as baseball diamonds, basketball courts, beach ​volleyball courts, a skateboard park, soccer fields, disk golf, and playground equipment for younger children. Additionally, the parks offer many picnic areas and covered picnic shelters for friends and families to use at their leisure. Many of these parks and facilities are wheelchair accessible.​

The objective of this study was to develop a Parks and Trails Master Plan describing future parks needs, goals and maintenance requirements for individual exi​sting parks, making recommendations for currently undeveloped park lands, and develop a conceptual design for a municipal-wide trail system connecting Town parks, both internally and to neighbouring municipalities.

Town of Midland Parks & Trails Master Plan - Final

Parks & Trails Master Plan project page​​

Town of Midland - Official Plan

The Official Plan is prepared in accordance with the Planning Act and must adhere to all Provincial Planning Policies, as well​​ as those policies of the County of Simcoe. The Town is the Approval Authority for Plans of Subdivision, Plans of Condominiums, and Part Lot Control By-laws while the County of Simcoe is the Approval Authority for the Town's Official Plan and amendments thereto. 

​Council adopted the Official Plan in November 2019.

Town of Midl​and Official Plan​

Official Plan web page​

Town of Midland - Service Delivery Review

​The objective of this review was to provide an objective view of services, explore opportunities for alternatives and make recommendations for improvements. The key focus is to determine if the municipality has opportunities to:

  1. Improve service and outcomes;
  2. Meet new or increased demand from customers for services;
  3. Improve service delivery mechanisms and processes;
  4. Maintain existing service levels in the face of competing priorities or decreasing revenues;
  5. Reduce costs; and/or improve revenues.

​Town of Midland Service Delivery Review​

Transportation Master Plan

On December 18, 2019, Town Council approved and adopted the Multi-Modal Transportation Master Plan, bringing an end to a ​​12-month master plan exercise. Staff is ​now tasked with establishing a priority for the recommended projects outlined in the master plan, submit annual proposal lists for consideration in during yearly budget deliberations, and work on efficient methods to incorporate the master plan into the new Official Plan for the Town of Midland.

Final Multi-Modal Transportation Mast​er Plan

Transportation Master Plan project page​​

Wastewater Master Plan

During the last number of years there have been updates to municipal growth forecasts, changes to municipal policy, and other ongoing initiatives in the community. There is a continuing need to balance infrastructure requirements with the financial resources of the municipality. The Town of Midland has therefore initiated a Wastewater Master Plan (WWMP) to evaluate the planned network in relation to changing trends, emerging needs, and new opportunities for future growth and development.

This WWMP is similar to other master servicing plans as it provides an assessment of the Towns current Wastewater infrastructure and also identifies improvements needed in order to sustain the growth required within the planning horizon. The Wastewater master plan will provide recommendations for infrastructure and operational changes required to the system as well as any policy improvements that are required.

Wastewater Master Plan - Final

Wastewater Master Plan project page​​​

Waterworks Master Plan

​The Town of Midland has retained the services of AECOM to undertake an update to the existing Waterworks Services Master Plan (2013) to reflect growth in the community, planned development, and operational changes.  The Town of Midland is identified as a Primary Urban Settlement Area in the Growth Plan for the Greater Golden Horseshoe (2017) and is anticipating continued growth and development in the community.

The existing population of Midland is approximately 16,864 and is expected to reach 22,500 by the year 2031.  The proposed update to the existing Waterworks Master Plan will provide a comprehensive water servicing infrastructure plan for the community for the next 20 years.

It will also support the Town's Official Plan Review and Development Charges Study.  The project study area includes the limits of the Town of Midland as well as a several key stakeholders located within the neighbou​​ring Tay Township (i.e. St. Marie Among the Hurons​, Martyr's Shrine, and Wye Marsh Wildlife Centre) that are currently serviced by the Town of Midland.​​

Final Master Plan to come

Waterworks Master Plan project page​​