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Snow removal and winter maintenance of Town roads and sidewalks is done by the Infrastructure Department's Operations team, who are dedicated to providing the best quality snow clearing service to residents, business owners and visitors alike. The Province of Ontario Regulation 239/02 establishes the minimum maintenance standards that the Town must follow for road and sidewalk winter maintenance, and it's our mission to meet or exceed them. While we do our very best to provide the best possible level of customer service, it's important to remember that various weather conditions and other circumstances can affect our snow clearing activities.

The time it takes for a snow plow to clear your road and sidewalk depends on where you're located. All roads in Midland are prioritized into specific categories to make sure we tackle our most-traveled and busiest areas first. It is our intent to clean the roads and sidewalks within 24 hours of a major snow event, however our first priority is clearing the Main Arterial Roads so that emergency services like Police, Fire and Paramedics can do their job.​​

 Snow Removal Information & FAQs

Which Streets Get Plowed/Sanded First?

The Town is divided into routes. Each route is made up of streets categorized in priority order, with priority streets cleared first. Priority roads are arterial roads or secondary collector roads that carry the highest volumes of traffic. These roads are used to access business areas, fire and police and the hospital. Other roads are primarily residential, residential rural or secondary routes. These are systematically ploughed after the priority routes have been completed.

When the streets become slippery due to snowfall or simply cold, moist weather, the Town’s streets are sanded by the following priority ranking:

  • Arterial Roads such as King Street, Midland Avenue, William Street, Yonge Street & Hugel Avenue.
  • Bus Routes and other collector routes, hills on the east & west sides of town, school zones and major intersections.

This ranking reflects the speed and traffic levels, and therefore the degree of risk involved in each roadway category.​​

Parking, Roadways, & Sidewalks

We need your help as we work to keep our roadways, sidewalks and sewers clear throughout winter. Please remember that parked vehicles are prohibited from interfering with snow removal operations (as outlined in our Parking By-Law​​.) Residents are asked to make sure that vehicles parked in driveways do not hang over sidewalks or roadways in even the smallest amount. Keeping vehicles off roadways and sidewalks is critical for our crews to complete snow clearing operations under difficult winter conditions. Vehicles obstructing winter operations will be ticketed and towed.​

We thank you in advance for your cooperation as we all look forward to the arrival of spring.​

Payment of Winter Parking Restriction Tickets

If you receive a ticket for parking overnight on a Town street or in a municipal lot during the winter restriction period (November 15-April 1), please note that you cannot pay these ti​​ckets online. These tickets are issued by Operations staff and are not connected to the Precise ParkLink ticket system for Town parking meters.

Options for paying these tickets:

  • Stop in at Municipal Office to pay by cash, credit card or cheque;
  • Put the ticket with cash or cheque (payable to "Town of Midland"​) payment in an envelope in the drop box at the Third Street entrance to the Municipal Office;
  • Call Customer Service at 705-526-4275 ext. 2255 to pay by credit card over the phone; or
  • Mail cheque, payable to "Town of Midland", within 7 days of offence (after that the fine goes up $10). Please be sure to include the ticket. Mail to:
    • Town of ​​​Midland, 575 Dominion Avenue, Midland, ON, L4R 1R2

Salt & Sand Application

Salt and sand is applied to roads and sidewalks as it is demonstrated to be an effective and cost-effective method of improving safety for vehicles and pedestrians. Pure Salt is spread only on main Arterial roads and applied mixture of salt/sand is applied to all other roads. The objective of sanding is to increase vehicular traction by applying sand/salt mixture either during or after the storm even. Salt reducing measures are implemented as appropriate. 

Our goal is to be proactive in the area while recognizing the safety of Municipal streets during slippery conditions.​

Resident's Responsibilities

  • Follow the overnight parking restrictions that prohibits parking on the road from November 15 to April 1 (12:00 a.m.​ to 7:00 a.m.) every year
  • Do not push snow onto the roadway. This is a violation of the Highway Traffic Act and could have serious consequences

  • Make it safe for everyone:

    • ​Always wear proper boots to make sure you don't slip and fall when you're walking or clearing snow

    • When driving, avoid splashing slush and water onto sidewalks which could quickly freeze

    • Slow down on roadways

    • Don’t allow children to play in/on snow banks

    • Assist with the clearing of fire hydrants and catch basins

    • Avoid driving on the road during major snow storms

    • Consider helping a neighbour or friend with snow removal if they are unable to do so

  • On waste collection days, make sure all items including your garbage, recycling and organic bins are not placed on the sidewalk or right at/on the curb, so that snow/sidewalk plows are not impeded.

Why Does It Seem To Take So Long To Clear My Street?

Within the Town of Midland there are approximately 270 lane kms. of roads and 105 kms. of sidewalks. Until a major snowstorm ends, the clearing of Town streets cannot be completed in full. Efforts are made to keep the roads clear for travel, however during these storms, priority streets may be plowed more than once before other side streets are done. Daytime snow clearing is made more difficult due to increased traffic (vehicle & pedestrian), over night more clearing can be accomplished.

Day shift (8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.)

  • 5 snow plow trucks
  • 2 sidewalk plows

Overnight shift (12 a.m. - 8 a.m.)

  • 5 snow plow trucks
  • 3 snow plow loaders (for clearing Percy's Peaks and more)
  • 3 sidewalk plows
  • 1 grader (which can remove ice buildup)
  • 1 sander/scraper​​​

What Do I Do If My Street Was Missed By The Plow?

Due to equipment issues, sometimes roads can be missed. After a snow event, if 24 hours have passed and your road has not been plowed, please submit a service request/complaint​ on our E-service Midland Customer Service Portal and crews will be notified and arrangements will be made to have the street cleared as soon as possible.​

Why Does The Plow Fill My Driveway? Can The Town Clear My Driveway Out?

The Town makes every attempt to minimize ​the amount of snow plowed into the driveways during its snow plowing operations; however it does not clear private driveways.

It is important to note that our plow operators do not intentionally block driveways. Due to the difficulty of removing large amounts of snow, many people find it easier to clear the snow before it becomes too heavy. Often this is before the storm has ended and while snowplowing operations are still underway. Please understand that until roads are completely cleared, it should be anticipated that you might have to clear your driveway several times during and after storm events.​

When Will My Sidewalk Be Sanded/Plowed? Which Sidewalks Are A Priority?

​Similar to snow maintenance on the roads, the Town is divided into routes with Arterial and Collector roads completed first. Priority sidewalks include sidewalks around schools, community safety zones, and business areas.​

Report Sod Or Boulevard Damage Caused By The Snow Plow Or Sidewalk Plow

​If there is severe damage to your sod or boulevard during the winter months from maintenance, please fill out a service request/complaint on our E-service Midland Customer Service Portal​ to report the issue and be added to the spring sod restoration list. Operations restores damaged sod or boulevard damage in the spring and summer months.​