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​​​​​​​by laws. 

Frequently Requested By-laws

Should you have any questions regarding the listed by-laws, please contact the Municipal Law Enforcement Officer or the Clerk's Department at 705-526-4275, or email us at clerks@midland.ca

​​Accessibility Plan ​By-law No. 2015-20
Accountability and Transparency​​By-law No. 2007-71
Animal ControlBy-law No. 2013-79
Building Permit Regulations  By-law No. 200​5-51
Burning WasteBy-law No. 2002-30
Business Licensing - Auctioneers, Hawkers and Peddlers, Farmers’ Markets and Refreshment VehiclesBy-law No. 2010-28
Composite Fees - Clerks, By-law, Finance, Fire, Planning, Infrastructure, Transit, Community Service, NSSRC Rentals, Parks & Recreation​​By-law ​N​o.​ 2​019-85​​
Delegation of Administrative & Signing AuthorityBy-law No. 2019-55
Development Charges​By-law No. ​2019-80
Dogs ​​By-law No. 2009-18
​Entrance Permits
By-l​aw No. 99-176
Feeding of​ Geese and Seagulls By-law No. 97-36
Garage Sale By-law No. 2012-52
Garbage Collection By-law No. 2001-48
Hiring Policy By-law No. 2004-77 
Lease Financing 

By-law No. 2004-78

Maintaining Land in A Clean And Clear Condition By-law No. 2011-27
​Motorized Snow Vehicles on Sidewalks​By-law No. 69 - 2927
Noise ​By-law No. 2009-104
No Smoking By-law No. 2015-5
​Open Air Burning​ By-law No. 2015-52
Operation of Motorized Snow Vehicles on Sidewalks By-law No. 98-3
Operation of Motorized Snow Vehicles in Parks By-law No. 94-13
​ParkingBy-law No. 2010-76
Parks  By-law No. 98-56​​
Procedural By-law No. 2018-62
​​By-law No​. 2018-52
Property Standards By-law No. 2002-81
Retail Business Holidays By-law No. 95-31
Secondary Suites By-law No. 2010-32
​Sewer Use
​By-law No. ​94-25
​Sign By-law
​By-law No. 2011-79
Snow Removal ​

​​By-law No. 2009-69

Snow Removal – Downtown BIA By-law No. 2009-70
Swimming Pool Fencing By-law No. 99-71

By-law No. 2011-50

Water Conservation​By-law No. 2005-55
Water and Sewer​ RatesBy-law No. 201​9-​84
Zoning​By-law No. 2004-90