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​​​​​​Cross Connection Control Program

Purpose of the Program

The Town of Midland Backflow Program has been established to help ensure the supply and distribution of safe, clean drinking water to all our users.  The program is designed to achieve the following:

  • Identify any  all cross connections where potential contamination of potable water may occur.
  • Maintain a database of qualified backflow device testers


Backflow: means the flowing back of or reversal of the normal direction or flow of water

Backflow Prevention Device: means a device that prevents backflow including a Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly, a Dual Check Valve or a Double Check valve and the like

Cross-Connection: means any actual or potential connection through which a non-potable (contaminated) fluid can flow into a potable (safe) water system. Backflow is the fluid which flows through the cross connection into the potable water system.

Documents & Forms

Qualified Contractor List
CCCP Survey Form​
Application for QP Registrar
Building Permit Application
Backflow Prevention Test Report
Contact Sheet