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​​​​​Sewage System

The extension of sanitary sewers to the Sunnyside area may be contemplated at such time as development in the Bayport area occurs. Extension to the Midland Point and Portage Park areas is not under consideration.

In Midland, as elsewhere, it costs more to collect and treat sewage than to provide potable water, and also because:

  • 8 million dollar plant expansion and upgrade for a better effluent to protect Georgian Bay, as well as to facilitate the growth​ and development needed to enhance our economic base.
  • Increased operating costs.
  • Avoid tax increases by continuing user-pay policies (note, sewage treatment is not tax based, but relies on sewer service rate revenues).
  • Tracks with other municipalities, i.e.​ Midland's average residential rate of $8.00 per month versus $19.00 per month for surrounding areas.

Control your costs through water conservation:

  • When replacing fixtures, use low water consuming units:  

    • Low flush volume toilets
    • Water efficient shower heads
  • Use water efficiently:  

    • Operate washing machine and dishwater with full loads.
    • Avoid lawn watering; cut lawn higher during dry periods.
    • Repair leaking faucets and toilet flush values.