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​​​​​Water & Sewer Billing

October 27, 2022 - Notice to Water Customers

​​The Town of Midland is advising customers about an issue with the latest printing of water bills.

Water bills were recently mailed out and it was discovered that some information is missing on the bills. Actual and Estimated Meter Reading information is missing, as well as the notice of pre-authorized payment (PAP). PAP customers are advised to not make any additional payments as normal payments will occur during the cycle. 

This is a system-wide issue and should be corrected on the next billing cycle.

We apologize for any concerns or inconvenience this may cause.  Please contact us if you have any questions at service@midland.ca​ or 705-526-4275, ext. 2255.


Sewage Overflows - Click to view Reports

The Town is accountable to the Province for water quality and quantity. 

The Water and Sewer bills are issued on a quarterly basis for residential home owners, but large commercial accounts are billed monthly. All payments should be made to the Town of Midland at 575 Dominion Avenue.

2021 Water and Sewer Service Rate By-law​​​​


2021 Water Rates




​Monthly Fixed Fee


​Variable Charge /m3


Typical User - 170m3/year




Weekly Impact = $0.35​/week

2021 Wastewater Rates




​Monthly Fixed Fee


​Variable Charge /m3


Typical User - 170m3/year​




​​Weekly Impact = $0.35/week

Utility Pre-Authorized Payment Plan form

If you would like to pay your bill using a pre-authorized payment plan, please contact us at finance@midland.ca or 705-526-42​75, Ext. 2226​. Drop off the completed form, along with a blank che​que marked void to the Town of Midland Municipal Office at 575 Dominion Avenue. 

Notice to Owners of Tenant-occupied Properties

​Legislation governing municipalities in the delivery and billing of water and sanitary sewer services changed, effective January 1, 2003. The Town of Midland will be adhering to the legislation when it assumes the water and sewer billing function on July 1, 2005. 

The legislation states that the property owner is ultimately responsible for the payment of services supplied to their properties. However, upon written request by the property owner, the Town of Midland will forward a copy of the bill to the tenant, to facilitate payment by the tenant. If the tenant does not pay, the unpaid charges will be added to the property's tax roll AND the water will be disconnected. The original utility bill will continue to be mailed to the property owner as it is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure the water and sewer bills are paid by their tenants.

Please be aware that it is the responsibility of the property owner to make all necessary arrangements with the Town, particularly when there is a change in tenant(s). 

If you are a landlord and wish to have a copy of the water and sewer bill sent to your tenant(s), please provide the Town with information outlined in the application provided below and sign the document to acknowledge your understanding of the above terms. Please return the completed and signed form to the Town of Midland Municipal Offices at 575 Dominion Avenue.

Landlord Application to Send A Copy of Utility Bill to Tenant(s)​​

Landlord Application to Send A Copy of Utility Bill to Tenant(s)​​

Tenant Billing

Water & Sewer Bills will not be mailed to the tenant(s) unless the property owner has submitted an application​.​

Personal information contained on the forms provided is collected under the authority of the Municipal Act, S.O. 2001, c.25, s. 398 and will be used in the delivery and billing of water and sanitary sewer services and will be treated as confidential. Questions regarding this collection of information should be directed to the Treasurer of the Town of Midland.​

Responsibility​ for Water Consumption

Property owners are reminded that all water that passes through their water meter is their responsibility. Be aware of leaks, running toilets and open faucets. Over an extended time, the cost of wasted water can add up. 

What if Your Water Usage is Higher than Normal? 

  1. Turn off all water you are using, including appliances.
  2. Look at your meter to see if any of the dials are turning. 
  3. If any indicator is turning, you have a leak. Most leaks are due to ​leaky toilet​s which we call “the silent leak” because they are difficult to detect. 

​Other places to look for leaks 

  • faucets​
  • water softeners 
  • other appliances that are close to a drain where the leaking water could go unnoticed

For more information about leaks, click the image below:

Check for Leaks 

 Water & Sewer Links

Sanitary Sewer Backwater Valve Subsidy Program

​Click here to visit the Sanitary Sewer Backwater Valve Subsidy Program webpage for more details and the application.​

The impact of climate change continues to present an unprecedented challenge to municipal infrastructure given both the intensity and severity of current storm events.  The implications of climate change are placing greater challenges upon local municipal infrastructure budgets, both operating and capital. The Town has been engaged in a program of replacing combined sanitary sewer and stormwater systems through the allocation of the annual capital budget program. 

Due to the Town's limited financial capacity, replacement efforts will take many years to complete the upgrades. This concern has prompted the Town to create a backflow prevention subsidy program aimed at assisting homeowners to take reasonable steps to prevent flooding events before the municipality is able to replace the combined sewer and stormwater infrastructure. it is essential that homeowners take the appropriate action to reduce the risk of basement flooding on their own private property.  Homeowners may be able to reduce the impact by installing a backflow prevention device on their sanitary sewer system.

​Click here to visit the Sanitary Sewer Backwater Valve Subsidy Program webpage for more details and the application.

Notice - Avoid Sales Scams

Sewage System

The extension of sanitary sewers to the Sunnyside area may be contemplated at such time as development in the Bayport area occurs. Extension to the Midland Point and Portage Park areas is not under consideration.

In Midland, as elsewhere, it costs more to collect and treat sewage than to provide potable water, and also because:

  • 8 million dollar plant expansion and upgrade for a better effluent to protect Georgian Bay, as well as to facilitate the growth​ and development needed to enhance our economic base.

  • Increased operating costs.

  • Avoid tax increases by continuing user-pay policies (note, sewage treatment is not tax based, but relies on sewer service rate revenues).

  • Tracks with other municipalities, i.e.​ Midland's average residential rate of $8.00 per month versus $19.00 per month for surrounding areas.

Control your costs through water conservation:

  • When replacing fixtures, use low water consuming units:  

    • Low flush volume toilets

    • Water efficient shower heads

  • Use water efficiently:  

    • Operate washing machine and dishwater with full loads.

    • Avoid lawn watering; cut lawn higher during dry periods.

    • Repair leaking faucets and toilet flush values. 

Water Efficiency Programs

​The Town of Midland is striving to promote water conservation awareness to our residents. By reducing our water production we save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We have compiled an information guide suggesting ways in which we can employ this awareness in our everyday lives. Together we can demonstrate environmental leadership by conserving water both indoors and outdoors. For tips and information about water efficiency programs click on the images below.​

outdoor water conservation june 6Indoor water conservation NEW

check for leaks.

For more information, contact us at:

Town of Midland
575 Dominion Avenue
Midland, Ontario
L4R 1R2
705-526-4275 ext. 4204

only tap water delivers..

Cross Connection Control Program

​Purpose of the Program

The Town of Midland Backflow Program has been established to help ensure the supply and distribution of safe, clean drinking water to all our users.  The program is designed to achieve the following:

  • Identify any  all cross connections where potential contamination of potable water may occur.

  • Maintain a database of qualified backflow device testers


Backflow: means the flowing back of or reversal of the normal direction or flow of water

Backflow Prevention Device: means a device that prevents backflow including a Reduced Pressure Principle Assembly, a Dual Check Valve or a Double Check valve and the like

Cross-Connection: means any actual or potential connection through which a non-potable (contaminated) fluid can flow into a potable (safe) water system. Backflow is the fluid which flows through the cross connection into the potable water system.

Documents & Forms

Qualified Contractor List
CCCP Survey Form​
Application for QP Registrar
Building Permit Application
Backflow Prevention Test Report
Contact Sheet​​

Drinking Water Quality Management System

Drinking Water Information