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citizens healthcare steering committeeTerms of Reference​


In April 2014, an RFP was issued that potentially could have removed ophthalmologic services from the area. This development had serious repercussions for both area residents and Georgian Bay General Hospital (GBGH).

The Midland Seniors Council organized two large meetings to inform the public about their concerns with changes to area healthcare and to start working towards a solution. At the conclusion of the second meeting, the attendees agreed to form a committee to strengthen citizens' engagement in directing our area's healthcare and work with healthcare stakeholders to ensure long term quality healthcare for the entire North Simcoe area.

The Citizens Healthcare Steering Committee (CHSC) was created to fulfill that mission. ​


Mission Statement

The CHSC will act as the interface for the public, positively engaging both the public and the healthcare community to:

  • Advocate for improved healthcare for the citizens of North Simcoe
  • Inform and educate all parties on matters important to building mutual understanding
  • Work in collaboration with all parties to develop solutions that resolve problems and build a better healthcare service for North Simcoe​


The CHSC focuses on the understanding, organization and communication of resident healthcare concerns and needs. Residents include all citizens.

The CHSC has regard for all aspects and stakeholders of the healthcare system as they affect healthcare services for residents of North Simcoe.

The CHSC supports the 5 North Simcoe communities: First Nations/Métis/Inuit, Midland, Penetanguishene, Tay and Tiny.​

Key Objectives


Be the acknowledged advocate for public in the system. All advocacy will be constructive in nature and properly informed.


Establish effective two way communication between the public and stakeholders. Communication will keep everyone informed of issues affecting local residents in a timely fashion.  Key lines of communication are with the LHIN and the public.

Improve transparency. Ensure that all segments of the healthcare system are understandable to and relevant information is accessible to the public.


Inform the community of the nature and challenges in our healthcare system. This may include a regular survey of existing healthcare services. Propose methods to improve ongoing understanding of the system for the public.

Propose Solutions

Assess for gaps and propose useful solutions that fit the North Simcoe area. Includes developing an appropriate North Simcoe healthcare service model

Influence Impacts of Change

Work with stakeholders to understand and mitigate the impacts of system change.


  1. An informed and engaged public that understands the nature and challenges of the North Simcoe healthcare system. Specifically the LHIN, GBGH and the service providers.
  2. An effective communications and engagement process that allows stakeholders – the LHIN, institutions, municipal leaders, the public – to understand and direct the healthcare system according to local needs.
  3. Support and encouragement from all stakeholders for our role.  Legitimize the work that the CHSC is doing by the quality of the information and advocacy it brings to the issue.
  4. Visibly improved access to and delivery of healthcare services leading to an overall enhancement of the well-being of the community


  • Membership is open to citizens of the four municipalities and Beausoleil First Nation who accept the CHSC mission    
  • Membership in the Committee is comprised of a minimum of two (2) and a maximum of three (3) residents from:
    • Beausoleil First Nation
    • Town of Midland
    • Town of Penetanguishene
    • Township of Tay
    • ​Township of Tiny         
  • ​New members may be added by the CHSC Nominations Committee and as ratified by the Committee
  • The Committee may invite subject experts to participate in its discussions, without affecting membership requirements.
  • Any member may withdraw by delivering a written resignation to the Secretary of the Committee.
  • 5.6       The mayors of the four municipalities are members of the Committee ex officio but have no voting rights.
  • Members serve for a term of up to three years. A member may serve more than two terms but at most two consecutively.

CHSC Committees

  • The business of the CHSC shall be managed and conducted through its Committee.
  • The Secretary shall advise all members of meetings by e-mail at least 48 hours before the meeting.
  • The Committee shall conduct its business when a quorum is present. A quorum is a group of more than 50% of members. All matters before the Committee shall be decided by a simple majority vote of members present at the meeting.
  • Any member missing three (3) consecutive meetings without a valid reason may be subject to dismissal.  A two thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Committee shall be required for a member's removal from the Committee. 
  • The general agenda for a Committee meeting is:
    • Call to Order
    • Review of/adjustment to Agenda
    • Review of Minutes of Previous Meeting
    • Deputations/Presentations
    • Business Arising from Previous Meeting
    • New Business
    • Public Comment
    • Adjournment
  • The Committee shall constitute a Nominations Committee from time to time made up of 5 of its members. The Nominations Committee will set the requirements for nominations based upon the needs of the Committee. The Nominations Committee shall conduct a public search for its nominees, respecting the restrictions on membership in the Terms of Reference. The Nominations Committee will recommend nominees to the Committee for approval.​


  • The Committee will elect from within its number the Chair and the Secretary.
  • Officers are elected for one year terms. The election for officer positions shall occur at the first meeting of each calendar year.
  • Officer vacancies occurring during the term shall be filled by a vote of the Committee.​

Duties of Officers


  • The Chair shall preside at Committee meetings.
  • The Chair will typically not vote at meetings except to break a tie.


  • The Secretary shall ensure the recording of the meetings
  • The Secretary shall ensure the maintenance an up-to-date mailing list of all members.      
  • The Secretary shall send out notices of meetings in a timely fashion.
  • The Secretary shall maintain a record of the Minutes of meetings  ​


Committee Meetings

  • The Committee will meet on a regular basis as determined by the Chair and at least quarterly with notice at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the meeting.
  • All meetings will generally follow Robert's Rules of Order.
  • Each designated Committee member has one vote.

Changes to the Terms of Reference

The Committee may amend its Terms of Reference with the approval of two thirds (2/3) of the members of the Committee.