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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Boards & Committees

​The Municipality has numerous Committees established by Council. The Standing Committees are comprised of Council members only.​

Standing Committee​

 Human Resources Committee

Committee - Terms of Reference

  • Comprised of the Mayor and three (3) members of Council
  • Chair shall be selected annually by the members of the Committee.

  • A quorum shall be comprised of 50% of the members plus one.

  • Meetings shall be at the call of the chair

  • The Committee shall adhere to the closed session provisions  of By-law Number 2010-42, as amended, the Town of Midland procedure by-law, when the discussion topics fall under the closed meeting provisions of the Municipal Act, 2001

  • Shall be responsible for reporting and recommending a wide range of human resource policies to Council affecting:

    • Staffing changes arising from proposed alternative delivery of service proposals

    • Corporate human resource policies and occupational health and safety policies

    • Market and internal compensation reviews, implementation strategies and adjustments

    • Employee benefit and employee assistance programs (EAP’s)

    • Employee and labour relations matters, including collective bargaining

    • Performance excellence and employee recognition programs

    • Legislative and regulatory  advice/compliance which impacts the employees, contractors and others in the corporation

    • Non-union job evaluation system results

    • Staffing and organizational design

    • Staff training and development

    • Any other items referred to the Human Resources Committee by Council​


Meeting Minutes

​​Council appoints a combination of Council members and citizens to a number of local boards and committees. 

Please check out the Boards​ a​nd ​​C​o​​m​​​m​i​​tt​​​e​​​e​​​​s​ ​V​​​​​a​​c​​​​​a​​​​n​ci​es​​​​​​​​ if you are interested i​n joining a committees​.​​

Boards & Committees

Board & Committee Appointees - Effective January 24, 2019​​

Active Transportation Advisory Committee

Audit Committee

Business Improvement Area

​For more information about the Midland BIA, please visit the Downtown Midland Improvement Area page here.​

Committee of Adjustment/Sign Variance/Property Standards

Committee of Adjustment/Sign Variance/Property Standards - Terms of Reference 2020​

For more information about Committee of Adjustment and Sign Variance, please click h​ere​​​.

Community Hydro Distribution Advisory Committee

Mandate/General Statement

Midland Town Council undertook the sale of the MPUC (Town's Hydro Distribution Company) in 2017.   As a condition of the sale, Council was determined to create a community liaison committee for the purpose of interfacing with the new company to ensure that there was an appropriate vehicle for the exchange of information.  

Council's intentions are to develop a positive working relationship with the new operator; to ensure the high standards of hydro electric distribution services in the Town of Midland are maintained; and the working relationship with the community in the broadest sense remain effective and responsive.


The Committee has been established pursuant to section 6.4 of a Share Purchase Agreement entered into by Newmarket - Tay Power Distribution (“NT Power") and Midland on May 31, 2017.


​President/CEO: Ysni Semsedini

NTPM Rep./COO: Gaye Donna Young

NTPM Rep./VP Finance: Christine Bell

Council: ​Jim Downer

Midland Appt.: Shawn Berriault

Public Member: Glen Canning

Public Member: Vacant

For more information please see Terms of Reference​.​

Council Community Grant Committee

Council's Task Force on Affordable Housing

Cultural Alliance in the Heart of Georgian Bay

On June 19, 2019, recommended moving forward with the Culture Alliance in the Heart of Georgian Bay through the adoption of the proposed Terms of Reference, releasing $10,000 to be financially managed by the Town of Penetanguishene and appointing a municipal representative to the Culture Alliance Committee.

All Communities (Beausoleil First Nation, Town of Midland, Town of Penetanguishene, Township of Tay, and Township of Tiny) have adopted the Culture Alliance Terms of Reference, released $10,000 to be financially managed by the Town of Penetanguishene and appointed a municipal representative to the Culture Alliance Committee.

As the more regionally focused Culture Alliance Committee will continue with, and expand upon, the activities and programs initiated by the Culture Midland Committee, the Culture Midland Committee is no longer required.

For more information please visit culturealliance.ca​​​

Heritage Committee

Midland Heritage Committee - Terms of Reference 2018

r more information about the committee, please visit our web page.

For more information Midland's historical sites, please visit the Heritage web page.​

Homelessness Action Committee

Huronia Airport Commission


(Applicants should include in their application experience that relates to the criteria and why they would like to serve on the Commission)

The Huronia Airport Commission meets monthly on the fourth Thursday of each month at 7:00 p.m. at the Huronia Airport Administration Building. Agendas are circulated one week in advance of the meeting. 

The establishment of the Huronia Airport Commission was confirmed by special legislation of the Province of Ontario, entitled Huronia Airport Commission Act, 1996. By-law 2000-68 was passed on September 25, 2000 and provided for a Joint Agreement with the Township of Tiny, the Town of Penetanguishene and the Town of Midland for the control and management of the Huronia Airport (an air harbour located in the Township of Tiny). While the three municipalities are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Airport, control and management has been entrusted to the Huronia Airport Commission through the Agreement. 

Members are encouraged to have financial and/or business knowledge. Knowledge of aviation would be considered an asset. 

The Huronia Airport Commission is comprised of seven commissioners. Three represent the Town of Midland, with one being a member of Council and the remaining two members appointed by Council for a duration consistent with the appointing Council’s term of office. 

Huronia Museum Board

For more information about the Huronia Museum Board, please visit the Huronia ​​Museum site​.

Indigenous Relations Committee

Terms of Reference​

For further information please contact:

Karen Desroches
Town of Midland
705-526-4275   Ext 2208

Joint Compliance Audit Committee

​The Municipal Elections Act requires a municipal Council, before October 1st in an election year, to establish a compliance audit committee for the purposes of Section 88.33 of the Act relative to a possible contravention of the Act's election campaign finance provisions.

​For more details on the Joint Compliance Audit Committee, visit our Election​ page.

Midland Accessibility Advisory Committee

Midland Police Service Board

Midland Police Services Board Information and Application Criteria

Effective February 8, 2018, the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) began policing the Town of Midland.

OPP Southern Georgian Bay Detachment Action Plan - 2017-2019

What is the Police Services Board?

Every municipality in Ontario that contracts with the OPP or that has a municipal police force must have a civilian police services board. Police services boards are independent bodies established by provincial legislation called the Police Services Act. The boards represent community interests and are accountable to the Ministry of Community Safety & Correctional Services, and the Ontario Civilian Police Commission.

How does the OPP Policing in Midland affect the Midland Police Services Board?​​

The current Midland Police Services Board continues to represent community interests in policing. The Board's specific responsibilities are now governed by Section 10 of the Police Services Act.

Please click here​ for more information on Section 10 Boards.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of the Board?

With OPP policing the Board's role under Section 10​ is to:

  • Participate in the selection of the Detachment Commander of the Southern Georgian Bay Detachment;
  • Generally determine objectives and priorities for police services, after consultation with the Detachment Commander;
  • Establish, after consultation with the Detachment Commander, any local policies with respect to police services (but the board shall not establish provincial policies of the OPP with respect to police services);
  • Monitor the performance of the Detachment Commander;
  • Receive regular reports from the Detachment Commander; and
  • Review the Detachment Commander's administration of the complaints system under Part V (PSA), and receive regular reports from the Detachment Commander on his or her administration of the complaints system.

How may I contact the Board?

Citizens may wish to contact the Board to bring forward concerns about crime prevention and public safety within our community.  For inquiries, please contact:

Angela Grenier
Executive Assistant
705-526-4275 ext. 2223

Who are the members of the Police Services Board?

The Midland Police Services Board (MPSB) has five(5) members: two members of Town Council, two citizens appointed by the Province as community representatives, and one citizen appointed by Town Council as a community representative.

To be considered for membership by appointment by the Lieutenant Governor in Council, please see the attached application and information sheet​.​​​​

Midland Public Library Board

Midland Seniors Council

Midland Seniors Council Committee - Information and Application Criteria

(Applicants should include in their application experience that relates to the cri​​​​teria and why they would like to serve on the Committee) 

The Seniors Council meetings are generally held monthly on the third Thursday at 10:00 am at the North Simcoe Sports and Recreation Centre. Agendas are circulated typically one week prior to the next scheduled meeting. 

The Midland Seniors Council acts as an advocate to Council regarding issues pertaining to Midland Seniors. Although Senior’s are usually appointed, you do not necessarily have to be a senior to be appointed to the Seniors Council. 

Members are encouraged to have knowledge of the needs of seniors and senior services within the community. Experience with respect to housing, heath care, transportation or planning would be considered an asset. 

The Seniors Council is comprised of nine to thirteen members appointed by Town Council for a duration consistent with the appointing Town Council’s term of office. A member of the Town Council is also appointed.

​For more information about the Midland Senior's Council, please visit our web page​.

MPUC Sale Proceeds Investment Committee

Mandate/General Statement

On November 27, 2017 the Council of the Town of Midland approved via Resolution No. 2017-490 the establishment of two separate funds from the net proceeds of the sale of MPUC shares to Newmarket-Tay Power:

  • the Midland Public Utility Commission (“MPUC") Legacy Fund in the amount of $10,500,000; and

  • the balance to the Midland Community-Wide Initiatives Fund in the amount of +/- $10,000,000

This policy sets out the parameters under which these two funds will be managed as defined by and in compliance with the requirements of s. 418 to s. 420 of the Municipal Act, 2001 and of O.Reg. 438/97.

Eligible investments are those specified in the Town of Midland Investment Policy as those portfolios administered by LAS (AMO) and MFOA through One Investment.

Policy Statement for Midland Public Utility Commission (“MPUC") Legacy Fund:

It is the intention of the Town of Midland to hold the amount of $10,500,000 in the MPUC Legacy Fund in perpetuity while making annual withdrawals from investment earnings to contribute towards the Town of Midland's capital needs.

The MPUC Legacy Fund is established based on the desire of the Council of the Town of Midland to keep the MPUC legacy alive for current and future residents. The intention is the MPUC Legacy Fund will be used for the benefit of the community and as recognition of the community benefit that the MPUC provided.

Policy Statement for the Midland Community-Wide Initiatives Fund:

It is the intention of the Town of Midland that the funds held in the Community-Wide Initiatives Fund be used to provide an Internal Bank should an opportunity arise where Council determines these funds (or a portion of these funds) could be more appropriately directed. 

The Community-Wide Initiatives Fund operating as an Internal Bank would provide funds at market rates for projects for which the fund's use is specifically approved by Council.  All borrowing from the Initiatives Fund would be supported by a Promissory Note and would require repayments in the same manner as any external debt issue to ensure future restoration of capital.

On November 26, 2018 the Council of the Town of Midland adopted By-law 2018-77 to enter into the Agency Agreement between CHUMS Financing Corporation and Local Authority Services, as Agent, and with eligible investors with respect to the use of ONE Investment for these two newly created funds.

Strategic Plan Priorities/ Legislative Requirements

Pillar One – Accountable, Responsive and Innovative Governance​

Please see the Terms of Reference​ for further information.

Ontario's Best Butter Tart Festival Committee

Severn Sound Environmental Association

The Severn Sound Environmental Association is a partnership between nine municipalities in the Severn Sound Watershed. Each municipality appoints one person to serve on the SSEA Board. The SSEA Board holds quarterly meetings where management and review of the business of the SSEA Office occurs.

For more information, please visit the SSEA web site​.

Sustainability Committee

Sustainable Severn Sound (SSS) is a collaborative, multi-sector sustainability program with the objectives to (1) educate municipalities on best practices and connect them to resources, (2) encourage the adoption of practices/policies within local municipal operations to support sustainable communities, and (3) advocate for sustainable environmental, social and economic practices/policies. SSS is currently leading the development of the region's first Local Climate Change Action Plan. To learn more or to get involved, please visit www.sustainablesevernsound.ca  

Youth Committee

Council for the Town of Midland established its Strategic Priorities for 2018-2022. Under Pillar 3. “Safe, Sustainable, Healthy Community"  it identified under subsection c) Empower a Youth Council for Midland.

Given the multiple Youth initiatives being undertaken by various Groups within the surrounding Community such as the Midland Library, North Simcoe Boys and Girls Club, YMCA and 2020 North Simcoe Youth Symposium, led by Township of Tiny, Council will be reviewing the prospect of a Youth Council for Midland.  This matter is currently under Review by Council

For further information please contact:

Karen Desroches
Town of Midland
705-526-4275   Ext 2208​