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Welcome to the Town of Midland Departments page. On this page you will find an organizational chart, as well as breakdowns of what areas/services each department is responsible for.

To access our Town of Midland staff directory, please visit our Contact Us page.​​

Town of Midland organization structure


The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is Council's principal advisor on matters of policy. The CAO has full responsibility for the implementation of Council approved policies, directing the preparation of the executive budget, and exercising general financial control over all Town departments in terms of approved appropriations.

The CAO is charged with the responsibility of coordinating the work of all municipal departments and ensuring that those departments carry out the policies and directions given by the Mayor and Council. The CAO oversees the day-to-day operations of the Town through six separate Department Heads, and coordinates the administrative interaction with various operating agencies such as the Police Service Board and the Midland Public Library Board.

Responsibilities include recommending the Current and Capital Budgets, approving items for Council agenda, both open and in-camera, and dealing with personnel matters including the hiring and discharge of all Town staff. The CAO fulfills the administrative direction of major projects that involve several departments and such other duties and functions as Council may vest in the CAO

It is expected that we will continue to provide great opportunities for the Town, and it is the role of the Chief Administrative Officer to assist the Mayor and Council in identifying these opportunities for the maximum benefit of this community.

The Town of Midland's Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) is David Denault.

The CAO also oversees:

Customer Experience Office

With a centralized customer service focus, the CXO team will work toward improving the overall customer experience by meeting the evolving needs of our customers.

Managed by Customer Experience Office Manager, Angela Grenier, this division is responsible for:

  • Corporate Communications; and
  • Customer Service.

Fire Services

Managed by Director of Fire & Emergency Services/Fire Chief, Paul Ryan.

  • The Midland Fire Department is a composite fire department that consists of a Fire Chief, a Deputy Fire Chief, a Fire Prevention Officer, a Training Officer, 10 Career Firefighters, 20 Volunteer Firefighters, and an Executive Assistant.
  • For more information, visit our Fire Department page​​.

​Human Resources/Health & Safety

Managed by Director of Human Resources/Health & Safety, Laura Yourkin, this division is responsible for:

  • Benefits, Payroll and Pension Administration
  • Compliance (Health & Safety, ESA); 
  • Labour Relations;
  • Lean Six Sigma;​
  • Recruitment & Retention; and
  • Training.​

Corporate Services

Overseen by the: 

Executive Director of Corporate Services & Town Solicitor Tina Lococo​

This department is comprised of:​

Environment & Infrastructure

​Overseen by the:

Executive Director of Environment & Infrastructure, Andy Campbell

This department is responsible for:

  • Town Capital & Development Engineering
  • Harbour Management
  • Operations​
  • Parking Lots
  • Storm Water Management
  • Water & Wastewater​
  • ​Community Services
    Managed by Director of Community Services, Shawn Berriault, this division is responsible for:
    • Asset Management;
    • Facility Management (including NSSRC);
    • ​Lease Administration;
    • ​The Town’s Real Estate Portfolio; and 
    • Transit.​​​​

Planning, Building and By-law

Overseen by the:

Executive Director of Planning, Building and By-law​ - To be announced

This department is comprised of:

Planning & Building services​