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Dept building servicesBuilding Services is responsible for the regulation and enforcement of the Ontario Building Code. Through the building permit application and inspection process, Building Services ensures that all building projects meet the minimum standards as set out in the Ontario Building Code as well as any applicable by-law of the Town of Midland and other applicable regulating bodies.

When thinking about any kind of construction or demolition work, it is essential to understand the process and requirements before beginning. Most construction projects, large or small, require that the property owner apply for and obtain a building permit.  Within this section you will find information on the most commonly asked questions and assistance with determining whether your project requires a building permit.

Please feel free to contact Building Services with any questions you may have.  We are here to help you through the building process.

Building Regulations:
By-law 2018-49 - Building Permit Fees & ​Administrative Charges 

​​Building Inspection Request Line​Ext. 2248
​Chief Building Official​Ext. 2222
​Building Inspector​Ext. 2218
​Building Assistant​Ext. 2252


 Planning First

Who do I contact for more information?

Please contact the Planning Department at 705-526-4275 ext. 2215 or at or additional information including an application for a Zoning Certificate can be found here:

Application for Zoning Certificate

"Planning First" FAQ

What is required as part of the submission for an Application for Zoning Certificate?

The following information is required in order for Staff to review the application:

  • Complete Application for Zoning Certificate.
  • Site Survey (from a Ontario Land Survey) or a Sketch of the property (see Example Sketch)
  • Construction drawings including:  interior and exterior building changes and building elevations

If the proposed construction is listed as being exempt from a Zoning Certificate, the applicant is required to identify the work on the application.  Planning and Building staff will sign and date the application as being exempt and return the application to the applicant for inclusion as part of the Building Permit application.

What is 'Planning First'?

The philosophy of 'Planning First' speaks to the need to work with customers to ensure that they have the required planning approvals in place before submitting their application for a building permit. With 'Planning First', Planning staff are the first contact for counter or phone inquiries, which ensure that projects can be reviewed for compliance with various planning documents prior to the submission of a "complete" building permit application. The purpose is to ensure that customer service is improved for contractors and residents in the Town, by providing them with guidance regarding items they need to provide and meet with respect of the Town's Zoning By-law, and any other planning related regulations and policies. 


Notice to Applicants

Please be advised that a Building Permit application in not considered complete until a Zoning Certificate has been issued and all other required information is submitted to the Town.  This includes, but is not limited to, drawings to scale, site/plot plan, entrance permits, and other related permits and approvals.

Until such time as a Building Permit application is considered complete, the target processing times as set out in the Ontario Building Code and as listed below, do not commence.

Residential (houses)​​10 working days
​Small Buildings​15 working days​
​Large Buildings​20 working days​
​Complex Buildings​30 working days