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​​​Municipal Record Search

If you require information on a property in Town regarding information related to the Planning, Building and Fire Departments, you will be required to submit a Municipal Record Search Form. Typically, these forms are requested by solicitors performing a property transfer or placing a mortgage. Please fill out the top portion of the form as complete as possible and return it along with the accompanying fee(s) to the Planning Department. If a survey is included ensure that it is to scale.

The Municipal Record Search Fee is $50.00 with a response provided within five to seven days, upon receipt of the form and fee. A rush search request is $100.00 and provides a response time within 48 hours.  If a survey is resubmitted after being returned with comments that it is not to scale or illegible, or if a survey is submitted after the Municipal Record Search Form, a fee of $25.00 will be charged.

Other municipal search options that are available include:

Subdivision Clearance Form and Site Plan Clearance a fee of $50.00 each, and Septic Search, a fee of $25.00. To receive a rush response within 48 hours, the fee doubles to $100.00 and $50.00 respectively.