Butter Tart Festival
Butter Tart Festival
Butter Tart Festival

Congratulations to all of our 2024 contest entrants on their incredibly delicious butter tarts!


Best in Show Winner 

The award for Ontario's Best Butter Tart in 2024 was presented to The Pie Commission, of Etobicoke Ontario, for their Pecan Butter Tart.

First Place Winners
  • 1st Place Professional Traditional Winner: The Pie Commission's Pecan Butter Tart
  • 1st Place Professional Wild Style Winner: The Maid's Cottage's Black Forest Mocha 
  • 1st Place Amateur Traditional Winner: Christine Hodgkinson's Walnut Raisin Butter Tart
  • 1st Place Amateur Wild Style Winner: Share Rendell's Cafe Mocha Butter Tart
Full Contest Results

Home/Amateur Baker Traditional

  • 1st Place - Christine Hodgkinson's Walnut Raisin Butter Tart
  • 2nd Place - Kate Kitchener's Pecan Butter Tart
  • 3rd Place - Sharon Bryan's Raisin Butter Tart
  • 4th Place - Kim Lavereau's Raisin Butter Tart
  • 5th Place - Isabelle Nadeau's Classic Butter Tart 

Professional Baker Traditional 

  • 1st Place - The Pie Commission's Pecan Butter Tart
  • 2nd Place - The Butter Tart Company's Pecan Butter Tart
  • 3rd Place - MoeTarts' Pecan Butter Tart
  • 4th Place - Goûter by R.A.'s Classic Butter Tart
  • 5th Place - Brennan Baking Co.'s Classic Butter Tart

Home/Amateur Baker Wild Style 

  • 1st Place - Share Rendell's Cafe Mocha Butter Tart
  • 2nd Place - Lori Goldie's White Chocolate Macadamia Nut Butter Tart
  • 3rd Place - Angela Cimino's Rice Krispie Treat Butter Tart
  • 4th Place - Isabelle Nadeau's Peach Schnapps Butter Tart
  • 5th Place - Ashley Mckay's Strawberry Rhubarb Cheesecake Butter Tart

Professional Baker Wild Style

  • 1st Place - The Maid Cottage's Black Forest Mocha Butter Tart 
  • 2nd Place - Circles and Square's Cookie Butter Smore Butter Tart
  • 3rd Place - Jake's Bakes' Raspberry Lemon Butter Tart
  • 4th Place - MoeTarts' Double Chocolate Pecan 
  • 5th Place - Loughlin's Country Store's Sweet Heat

We look forward to welcoming the reigning champ back for 2025 and we are excited to see who is up for the challenge of competing for the coveted title of Ontario's Best Butter Tart. 

2023 Winners

Best in Show

Rosemont General Store - Joanne Chappelle, Rosemont ON, Classic Butter Tart with House-made Potato Chips 


Home/Amateur Baker Traditional

1st – Melanie Carrigan, Midland ON,  Pecan

2nd – Rachelle Filsinger, Owen Sound ON, Pecan

3rd –  Kate Kitchener, New Lowell ON,  Raisin

4th – Mike Demelo, Georgetown ON, Pecan

5th – Christine Hodgkinson, Ottawa ON, Raisin Walnut


Professional Baker Traditional

1st – Circles and Squares Bakery, Toronto ON, Maple Pecan

2nd – Tricia's Baked Goods - Tricia Brown, Massey ON, Classic

3rd –  Gouter by RA - Rodney Alleguede, Toronto ON,  Classic

4th – Tastefully Yours - Heather St. George, Kilworthy ON, Classic

5th – Tart Boss, Jamie Howe, Trenton ON, Classic


Home/Amateur Baker Wild Style

1st - Sharon Rendell, Stratford ON, Double Double Coffee Crisp

2nd - Melanie Carrigan, Midland ON, S'mores

3rd - Mike Demelo, Georgetown ON, Key Lime

4th - Jessie Crowe, Midland ON, Date Almond Crumble

5th - Tanya Labelle, Franktown ON, Banana Caramel Cheesecake


Professional Baker Wild Style

1st – Rosemont General Store - Joanne Chappelle, Rosemont, Classic Butter Tart with House-made Potato Chips 

2nd – Circles & Squares Bakery, Toronto, Snickers

3rd – Carla's Cookie Box - Carla Mawyin, Vaughan, White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

4th – Omi's Sweets and Treats - Omila Tickerman, Toronto , Biscoff

5th – Tart Boss - Jamie Howe, Trenton, Salted Caramel

2022 Winners

Best in Show

Rachelle Filsinger, Owen Sound, Pecan Butter Tart


Professional Traditional

1st – The Maid’s Cottage, Newmarket, Pecan Butter Tart

2nd -  Rosemont General Store, Toronto, Plain Butter Tart

3rd – Bomb Bish, Port Colborne, Plain Butter Tart

4th – Melting Moments Bakeshop, Westport, Pecan Butter Tart

5th – Cheeky Mama Bakery and Café, Victoria Harbour, Chunky Pecan Butter Tart


Home/Amateur Traditional

1st – Rachelle Filsinger, Owen Sound, Pecan Butter Tart

2nd – Isabelle Nadeau, Shumacher, Plain Butter Tart

3rd – Donna Grant, Kirkfield, Plain Butter Tart

4th – Jessie Crowe, Midland, Coconut Butter Tart

5th – Tom Burnett, Sittsville, Pecan Butter Tart


Professional Wild Style

1st – The Maid’s Cottage, Newmarket, White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake Butter Tart

2nd – Bake My Day, Paris, Turtles Butter Tart

3rd – Carriage House Bakery, Alliston, Banana Fosters Brule Butter Tart

4th – Pizzelle by Shell, Thornbury, Strawberry Rhubard Frangipane Butter Tart

5th – Cheeky Mama Bakery and Café, Victoria Harbour, Fresh Raspberry Caramel Butter Tart


Home/Amateur Wild Style

1st – Angela Cimino, Richmond Hill, Caramel Popcorn Butter Tart

2nd – Crystal Ferguson, Ramara, Cinnabun Butter Tart

3rd – Lisa Filion, Orono, Cinnamon Swirl Banana Bread Butter Tart

4th – Mike Demelo, Georgetown, Maple Blueberry Butter Tart

5th – Jessie Crowe, Midland, Wild Blueberry Crumble Butter Tart


No festival or contest 
No festival or contest 
2019 Winners

Best in Show

The Carriage House Bakery, Alliston, Plain Butter Tart


Professional Traditional

1st – The Carriage House Bakery, Alliston, Plain Butter Tart

2nd – Giffen’s Country Market, Glen Huron, Plain Butter Tart

3rd – Bitten, Hamilton, Plain Butter Tart

4th – Maid’s Cottage, Newmarket

5th – Sugar and Spice Catering, Woodville


Home/Amateur Traditional

1st – Debbie Lloyd, Midland, Raisin Butter Tart

2nd – Jessie Crowe, Midland, Maple Walnut Butter Tart

3rd – Darrell Cober, Barrie, Plain Butter Tart

4th – Donna Grant

5th – Rachelle Filsinger


Professional Wild Style

1st – Doo Doo’s Bakery, Bailieboro, Sweet Potato Ginger Strudel Butter Tart

2nd – Baxter’s, Toronto, Nanaimo Butter Tart

3rd – The Queen’s Tart, Sault Ste. Marie, Nanaimo Butter Tart

4th – Campbell’s Country Emporium, Victoria Harbour

5th – Carriage House Bakery, Alliston


Home/Amateur Wild Style

1st – Rachelle Filsinger, Owen Sound, Fruit Nut and Butter Rum Butter Tart

2nd – Donna Grant, Kirkfield, Apple Crumble Butter Tart

3rd – Mike Demelo, Georgetown, Passion Fruit Mango Butter Tart

4th – Jessie Crowe, Midland

5th – Phyllis Adamson

2018 Winners

Best in Show

Doo Doo’s Bakery, Bailiboro


Professional Traditional
1st – Doo Doo’s Bakery, Bailieboro, Plain Butter Tart
2nd – Kawartha Shortbread, Fenelon Falls, Pecan Butter Tart
3rd – Just Like Mom’s Restaurant and Bakery, Southampton, Raisin Butter Tart
4th  – Crosswinds Restaurant, Mitchell
5th - The Maid’s Cottage, Newmarket


Home/Amateur Traditional
1st – Tonya Louks, Raisin Butter Tart
2nd – Donna Grant
3rd – Kelly McBride, Coconut Butter Tart
4th – Mike Demelo
Tied for 5th – Mario Ciuffreda and Crystal Ferguson


Professional Dessert Fusion

1st – Doo Doo’s Bakery, Bailieboro, Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Butter Tart
2nd – Circles and Squares, Toronto, Butter Tart inside a Hello Dolly Butter Tart
3rd – The Bakery, Flesherton, Pecan Brownie Butter Tart
4th – Giffen's Country Market, Breslau
5th – Just Like Mom’s Restaurant and Bakery, Southampton


Home Amateur Dessert Fusion
1st – Jessie Crowe, Matrimonial Butter Tart
2nd – Jane Albert, Banana Foster Butter Tart
3rd – Rachel Pendlebury, Baklava Butter Tart
4th - Phyllis Adamson
5th - Angela Cimino

2017 Winners

Best in Show 

The Maid’s Cottage, Newmarket

Professional Traditional 

1st The Maids' Cottage – Pecan
2nd Bitten on Locke – Classic
3rd Wellington Cakes – Classic


Home/Amateur Traditional

1st Jane Albert - Pecan
2nd Mario Ciuffreda – Original
3rd Lindsay Ethridge – Maple Raisin


Professional Dessert Fusion

1st Nana B’s Bakery – Maple Rhubarb Apple
2nd North Country Butter Tart Co. – Caramelized Pear
3rd Rural Spoon Cafe – Maple Walnut


Home Amateur Dessert Fusion

1st Judy Lazaro – Apple
2nd Jane Albert – Cranberry
3rd Angela Cimino – Maple Granola

2016 Winners

Best in Show 

Doo-Doo's Bakery 

Professional Traditional 

1st The Maid's Cottage - Pecan
2nd Baxter Kitchens - Classic
3rd Whistle Stop Cafe - Classic


Home/Amateur Traditional

1st Jane Gilbert - Pecan
2nd Jessie Crowe - Raisin
3rd Lindsay Ethridge - Maple Raisin


Professional Dessert Fusion

1st Doo-Doo's Bakery - Cheesecake
2nd Doo-Doo's Bakery - Churn 84
3rd Doo-Doo's Bakery - Rhubarb


Home/Amateur Dessert Fusion

1st Crystal Ferguson - Raspberry Jam
2nd Joey Cardamone - Niagara Ice Wine
3rd Jane Gilbert - Butter Rum Raisin

2015 Winners


1st Doo-Doo's Bakery

2nd Grandma's Beach Treats

3rd Kenogami's Kitchen



1st Hisako Niimi

2nd Jessie Crowe

3rd Anne Mous

2014 Winners


1st Doo-Doo's Bakery

2nd Ladybug Cafe

3rd Grandma's Beach Treats



1st Jessie Crowe

2nd Bernadette Park

3rd Robin Coulter

2013 Winners

1st Nancy Dillen

2nd Ladybug Cafe

3rd Laurie Gaudet