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​​Media Release: Midland Council Approves Developer For Midland Bay Landing Redevelopment

Midland, Ontario (Tuesday, July 5, 2022) Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation (MBLDC) and the Town of Midland are very excited to announce that Town Council has approved a developer for the Midland Bay Landing waterfront redevelopment.

Council selected the developer at a Special Meeting of Council on July 4 following evaluation of proposals submitted by 3 short-listed developers and oversight by an independent Fairness Monitor who was engaged throughout the whole RFPQ/RFP process.

The selected developer is Georgian Communities Inc., headquartered in Barrie who have successful developments in their final phases in the Simcoe area including Braestone Estates in Horseshoe Valley, Mountain House at Blue, and Windfall at Blue in Collingwood. Working in tandem with Georgian is architecture firm, IBI Group, who bring extensive experience in waterfront redevelopment projects across North America.

Georgian Communities' concept for Midland Bay Landing creatively builds on and enriches the current Master Plan which was developed through extensive public engagement with residents. The vision depicted in their concept drawings will act as a starting point for further refinement of the design with additional public consultation as the design evolves over time.

The Town and MBLDC will execute a Letter of Intent with Georgian that will start a 120- day Exclusivity Period when the developer, the Town, and MBLDC will collaborate on refining the design concept for the Phase 1 lands at the east side of the property which is planned for public realm space and low-rise townhomes. Then, the developer will purchase the Phase 1 lands from the Town, excluding the retained Town-owned public realm property.

Financially, Georgian's proposal pays the Town a purchase price in Phase 1 that exceeds the original acquisition cost of the Unimin property. In addition, Georgian will construct the promenade and park space in Phase 1, a signature feature of the redevelopment, at no cost to the Town, further enhancing the Town's return on investment.

Tax revenue from the townhomes in Phase 1 will expand the current tax base for the Town, act as a catalyst for rejuvenating and rehabilitating Midland, and generate market ​interest in the further development of Phase 2 that will include shops, live-work spaces, and more new promenade, parks, and public plaza.

Upon successful completion of Phase 1, Georgian will have an Option to Purchase the Phase 2 lands for redevelopment further increasing the Town's return on its investment on its original purchase combined with providing more new public realm space, at no cost to the Town.

Council's approval of the redevelopment of the Midland Bay Landing site will transform the Town's waterfront from former industrial uses into a vibrant mixed-use community which is an enormous step towards creating a bright and prosperous future for the Town of Midland and the surrounding region.

Chair Kernohan said that “The Board of MBLDC is very pleased with the results of the fair and transparent selection process that was conducted by N. Barry Lyon Consultants. We would like to thank them for their expertise and advice throughout the RFP process. Now we look forward to working collaboratively with the Town of Midland and the selected developer during the next stages of this exciting transformation project."

“It took many years of work and public engagement by multiple Town Councils to get the project to this stage," said Mayor Stewart Strathearn.
“We are pleased that this proposal provides so many important benefits to our entire community, and we look forward to working with Georgian and our residents to bring this exciting project to Midland."​

​Media Inquiries & Press Opportunities

Bill Kernohan
Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation

MBL Redevelopment -Concept-Designs.gif

Media Release: Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation Announces Short List of Pre-Qualified Developers For RFP

Midland, Ontario (Monday, March 21st, 2022) – Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation (MBLDC) is pleased to announce that a short- list of pre-qualified development companies has been established following a Request for Pre- Qualifications (RFPQ) process that began in February 2022. Selection criteria included demonstrated experience and financial capability to deliver Midland’s 40-acre waterfront redevelopment project. The short-listed development companies are:

Having qualified for the second stage of the selection process, pre-qualified teams will begin preparing proposals in response to a Request for Proposals (RFP) that will be issued before the end of March and is expected to close in May 2022.

RFP Proposals will be submitted to MBLDC’s Real Estate Advisor, N. Barry Lyons Consultants, who will evaluate the proposals against the criteria defined in the RFP and recommend a developer to MBLDC for approval. In turn, MBLDC anticipates recommending a preferred developer to Council for approval in late June 2022.

An independent Fairness Monitor has been engaged for both the RFPQ and RFP process.

Upon selection, the preferred developer will work in collaboration with both MBLDC and the Town of Midland to revitalize 16 hectares (40 acres) of Midland’s waterfront into a vibrant, mixed-use commercial and residential neighbourhood adjacent to Midland’s historic harbour and recently revitalized Downtown.

A waterfront promenade and multi-use trail along the entire length of the property will be the signature feature of Midland Bay Landing, combined with new parks and a large public square that will bring 10 acres of new open space to Midland for public use and enjoyment.

New low-rise residential units blended with boutiques, restaurants, artists’ lofts, and commercial spaces will transform Midland Bay Landing into a vibrant, live-work-play community that is closely connected to Downtown and the trail network.​

In addition, Midland Bay Landing is expected to generate significant new tax revenue that will enable the Town to expand its tax base and offer increased programs and services to the local community.

More information regarding Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation and the Midland Bay Landing revitalization project can be found at: https://www.midland.ca/mbldc​

Media Inquiries & Press Opportunities

Bill Kernohan
Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation

Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation Hosts Waterfront Promenade Demonstration

Event Marks the Introduction of Midland's 40-Acre Waterfront Transformation Project

Midland, Ontario (Saturday, October 23rd, 2021) – On Saturday, October 23rd, 2021, Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation (MBLDC), alongside Mayor Stewart Strathearn and members of the Municipal Council, hosted a promenade demonstration at 288 Bayshore Drive to formally introduce Midland's 40-acre waterfront revitalization project.

MLBDC's future development project is centered on the revitalization of 40 acres of waterfront property into a vibrant mixed-use commercial and low-rise residential neighbou​rhood adjacent to Midland's historical and recently renewed Downtown and Harbour.  A new 1,100-metre waterfront promenade, new parks and public plaza spaces will add 10 acres of open spaces that will total 25% of the property.

Recognizing that Midland is a culturally diverse community that combines heritage, education, the arts, healthcare, and industry with an active lifestyle, and that it is the economic engine of North Simcoe, the revitalization project will be strategically designed to amplify the dynamic culture at the heart of the region. In addition, the project will offer added economic opportunity in the form of waterfront boutique, commercial, and restaurant spaces, land to attract private and public sector commercial and institutional user remote headquarters and educational users and/or expansion of existing local educational operators.

“Historically, Midland has had a strong relationship with its waterfront, including timber and shipbuilding, as well as a coal dock," says Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation's Board Chair, Bill Kernohan. “The future will see the entire Midland Bay Landing waterfront being made publicly accessible for residents and visitors alike to walk, bicycle, or run beside the Bay as part of the transformation of the property into new vibrant mixed-use neighbourhood at Midland Bay Landing," Kernohan adds. “The transformation will be both physical and financial. By building new homes and commercial spaces, new tax revenue will be generated for the Town."​

MBL development plan map

A map of the Midland Bay Landing property and the propose mixed-use community that will be developed on the site.

CTV News Barrie:

Midland unveils future plans for the town's waterfront​​​

 MBL Promenade Updates

Multi-use Trail completed, trees planted as Promenade vision takes shape - October 15, 2021

Multi-use Trail completed, trees planted as Promenade vision takes shape

October 15, 2021 - The vision for the Midland Bay Landing Promenade is really starting to take shape, as this​ week the multi-use trail for walking, bikes, strollers was completed, and installation of interlocking stone is nearing completion. Trees and shrubs ​were also planted.​

Still to come:

  • ​Solar lighting; and
  • Benches.​​

Trees planted at MBL Promenade

October 15 update gif

​Promenade Progressing Well - October 1, 2021

Promenade Progressing Well

October 1, 2021 - The recessed areas of the promenade will have interlocking stone, similar to what is featured on King Street.
Next steps:
  • ​Asphalt multi-use trail;
  • Landscaping;
  • Solar lighting; and
  • Benches
MBL Promenade Wall Progression

​​​Work continues on MBL Promenade - September 15, 2021

​​Work continues on MBL Promenade

September 15, 2021 - Pouring of the concrete promenade slab began this week with the first 2.5 metre-wide section completed along the property where the former coal​ dock used to be.

Soon this slab​ will be expanded further south to be 7 metres wide (23 feet) and include interlocking stone features.

Still to come:

  • ​Trees, shrubs, benches and solar lights, offering places to view Georgian Bay;
  • An asphalt multi-use trail that will welcome cyclists, walkers and more.
Stay tuned for future updates!
September 15 Update

Construction well underway - August 24, 2021

​Construction work is well underway on the MBL Promenade Demonstration

August 24, 2021 - ​Below are progress photos (in an animated GIF) of the ongoing construction work at the Midland Bay Landing (MBL) Promenade Demonstration.

Constructions Begins - August 3, 2021

​Construction begins on Midland Bay Landing Promenade Demonstration

On Tuesday, August 3, 2021, construction work began on the Midland Bay Landing Promenade Demonstration. The promenade demonstration will show a portion of the proposed promenade that will extend along the entire 1100 metre waterfront at Midland Bay Landing (MBL).

Construction vehicles will be using the MBL parking lot to enter/access the construction area, however visitors will continue to have access to the parking lot to enjoy the area.


The demonstration will be approximately 100m long, along the former Coal Dock featuring the historic 2m wide concrete base for the old steel rails and new a 4m wide concrete promenade; interlocking stone​ accents, viewing benches and a picnic table abutting a 2.5m wide bio-swale with trees, shrubs, and solar pedestrian lights, separate 3m wide asphalt multi-purpose trail for bikes and strollers will run parallel to the swale.

Expected Completion

September 2021

Location of MBL Promenade Demonstration


News & Information

MBLDC Media Releases

2022-07-05 - Council Approves Developer for Midland Bay Landing Redevelopment

2022-03-21 - Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation Announces Short List of Pre-Qualified Developers For RFP

2022-02-07 - Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation Issues Request For Pre-Qualifications - RFPQ

2022-01-13 - Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation Engages Real Estate Advisor​​​​​

2021-10-23 - Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation Hosts Waterfront Promenade Demonstration

2020-12-15 - MBLDC to commission study aimed at pursuing UNESCO Global Geopark Designation

​2018-11-22 - Announcing the Midland Bay Landing Development Corporation Board of Directors​​

2017-12-1 - Media Release - Council Approves a Municipal Development Corporation for Midland Bay Landing​​


​MBLDC unanimously endorses GeoPark recommendations

August 26, 2021 - BrandTrade presented Midland and the North Simcoe region with a significant opportunity to brand and market the whole Region to visitors and investors alike that will generate new employment and significant economic benefits through expanded tourism, retail, restaurant and accommodation businesses. A UNESCO Global Geopark will build on and enhance our existing cultural and historical assets and showcase them to the world.​

A highly motivated, knowledgeable small Steering Group will immediately start work to seek endorsement from North Simcoe municipal and indigenous councils to begin developing and launching a Georgian Bay Geopark and obtaining designation from UNESCO in the next 18 - 24 months.  Having initiated and now presented the Feasibility Study, MBLDC will hand over the launching of Geopark to the Steering Group.

The MBLDC Board unanimously endorsed the Feasibility Study and recommended that the Town of Midland Council and the other municipal and indigenous councils do the same.​​​

Feasibility Study - UNESCO Geopark Opportunity​​

Midland unveils future plans for the town's waterfront - October 23, 2021

MBLDC - Media/News Articles



What will the Midland Bay Landing development consist of?

​Midland Bay Landing will be a vibrant, mixed use, live-work community on the shores of Midland Bay.

A main feature of MBL will be its publicly accessible waterfront promenade that will extend along the entire water’s edge of Midland Bay Landing and connect to the Downtown.

Large open spaces – new parks, a promenade, a public square – covering 10 acres.

Shops, restaurants, offices, studios, hotel and conference facilities combined with residential units in mid-rise buildings, and low rise residential units.

A walkable neighbourhood connected to Downtown and the trail network.

When will construction start on the MBL site?

​Before can construction start, MBLDC will seek Requests for Qualifications/Expressions of Interest from prospective developers. Following that, qualified developers will be asked to respond to a Request for Proposals expected to be issued in early 2022.

The start of construction will be decided by the selected developer(s) after they obtain planning approvals and building permits.

Will there still be access to the water for fishing?

​Fishing along the existing steel wall at the east MBL parking lot will be able to continue.

When the MBL development is complete, fishing along the water’s edge from the continuous 1100m promenade will still be possible.

Will there be docking for boats at Midland Bay Landing?

​Docking for small boats on a short-term basis may be accommodated once final plans are determined.

Where will large cruise ships dock in Midland?

​The Town has announced the arrival of 2 large new cruise ships in Midland in 2022. They will dock temporarily along the old coal dock steel wall where the new MBL promenade demonstration is being built.

While the cruise ships are docked, views and access to the Bay will still be possible at the east end of the MBL parking lot.

​MBLDC Board of Directors​​

Robert Barber

Robert Barber
​Robert Barber is the Managing Partner of Den Bosch + Finchley, an award-winning design build development firm operating in the GTA. With over 35 years of experience, Robert has established a tradition of excellence as a leader in his industry. Prior to joining Den Bosch + Finchley, Robert worked with both PCL and Ellis Don; key projects including, The North York Performing Arts Centre, The Bank of Montreal, The Hockey Hall of Fame, Brookfield Place (formally BCE Place) and Dundurn Castle.

Robert is also an Acting Director of Urbanfund Corp., a publicly traded corporation which focuses on value engineering to maximize its portfolio, spanning from Ontario to the East Coast of Canada.

Robert studied at Seneca College in the Civil Engineering and Technology Program.

In his free time, Robert keeps active and enjoys the outdoors. He is both an avid Georgian Bay boater and devoted downhill skier. Robert is also an ardent cyclist who prominently participates in The Ride To Conquer Cancer, along with Cycle Camelot. Additionally, Robert supports several other other charitable foundations, including Sick Kids Hospital and Ronald McDonald House.​

Zach Douglas L.L.B.

​​Zach Douglas

Zach Douglas led the start-up and development of McMaster Innovation Park from 2006 to 2018. Prior to MIP, he served in a number of senior roles throughout his 35 year career in the Economic Development, Investment Management and Corporate Finance fields.

At Crown Investment Corporation of Saskatchewan, Zach Douglas was Senior Vice-President of Investments managing a portfolio of large industrial investments, smaller venture capital investments and several investments in funds having a value of more than $600.0 M. 

Previously, Zach was President & CEO, Saskatchewan Opportunities Corporation a provincial Crown Corporation providing strategic financing to small and medium size businesses, as well as operating research and development parks.

He has served on the Board of Directors of a number of major Saskatchewan and Canadian companies and non-profit organizations including the National Board of the Arthritis Society.

Zach Douglas holds a Bachelor of Law degree from the University of Saskatchewan.​

Teena Fazio P. Eng, MBA

Teena Fazio

Teena Fazio is a Fellow in Board Governance with experience serving on private company, crown corporation and not-for-profit boards, including as Corporate Director and Member of the HR Committee of the Board of Metal 7 Inc. and the Great Lakes Pilotage Authority. Prior to focusing on boards, Teena held a number of senior management positions in both the private and public sectors, working in large organizations in manufacturing, mining & metals, transportation,  and construction. ​

She honed strong corporate governance and business experience during a decade at Rio Tinto (formerly Alcan Inc.), leading global transformations in Strategic Planning and in Continuous Improvement as well as undertaking a CEO chief of staff role during times of complex change. Prior to Alcan, Teena worked for an international management consulting firm, where she assumed mandates in North America and Europe.

In the public sector, she oversaw the overall administration, including finance, human resources and operations, of the Faculty of Engineering at McGill University; and she began the first seven years of her career managing the planning, design and construction of highway engineering projects for the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario.

Teena graduated with distinction from Civil Engineering at McGill University and is a registered professional engineer (P.E.O.); she holds an MBA from INSEAD. In December 2017 she was named to the Diversity 50, recognizing Canada's most diverse and eligible board candidates.

William (Bill) Kernohan

William (Bill) Kernohan

Bill Kernohan has managed projects for owners across Canada and internationally as an architect, developer, project manager and management consultant.  His extensive experience in both project and construction management for public and private sectors spans large commercial office and retail projects, data centres, financial services sector, and many hospital projects across Ontario delivered under a public-private partnership model.

Approaching projects from a business-technical perspective and the client's business strategy, Bill brings and independent, objective perspective to owners offering insight and solutions to obstacles for both senior management and the project team.  Using his facilitation skills and collaborative approach with the client and project team, Bill focuses on minimizing risks and successfully achieving the project outcome.

John Macintyre B.A., C. Dir.

John Macintyre

John Macintyre is a seasoned executive leader with extensive public and private sector experience in the government, real estate and development sectors.

John is Principal of Cresa Toronto, a Real Estate Advisory Firm in Toronto where he leads the Strategic Real Estate Practice.  Previously, John's outstanding career was highlighted by Executive Leadership roles as Senior Vice President, Corporate Development & Residential Projects, for Build Toronto, Vice President of the Toronto Economic Development Corporation, Acting CEO of Invest Toronto and Director of Parks, Forestry and Recreation for the City of Toronto.

John is very active in the community serving as a Director for the Toronto Blue Jays Charitable Foundation, Governor of the Royal Life Saving Society, Ontario Branch, National Government Relations Committee member for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and as a former Director for the Governor General's Canadian Leadership Conference. He is also former Chair of the Humber Arboretum Board of Management and former Chair of Parks and Recreation Ontario.

John is an alumnus of the 2004 Governor General's Canadian Leadership Conference, and served as the Toronto Chair for 2008 and the Ontario Chair for the 2012 Conference.

John is a graduate of York University with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a graduate of the Directors College with a Chartered Director (C.DIR) Designation and the Human Resources Compensation Committee Certification (H.R.C.C.C.) from McMaster University.

John and his family enjoy their time in the Midland area with a seasonal residence in Georgian Bay Township on Gloucester Pool.

Stewart Strathearn - Mayor, Town of Midland

Mayor Stewart Strathearn

Mike Ross - Deputy Mayor, Town of Midland

Deputy Mayor Mike Ross




705-526-4275 ext. 2201

Angela Grenier

MBLDC Recording Secretary
705-526-4275 ext. 2223

MBLDC Agendas & Meeting Minutes are available on CivicWeb. Click the buttons below to access them.​​​​​

MBLDC AgendasMBLDC Meeting Minutes

 Certificate of Property Use - MECP

Certificate of Property Use - MECP

How is the contamination of the site being dealt with as part of the development?

The site has had extensive environmental sampling and the Town is currently undertaking the regulatory process and risk assessment as prescribed by the Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP). The MECP has reviewed the environmental issues and has posted a draft Certificate of Property Use (CPU) on the Environmental Registry (see attached) which describes the mitigation measures that must be completed as part of the development of the site. Once the MECP has completed their public consultation process they will issue a final CPU that the Town and future developers must adhere to.​

July 2022 - The Certificate of Property Use is now registered on Title on the development land. In general, the environmental requirements as described in the CPU as approved by the MECP, requires that the contaminated soil be covered with either concrete, asphalt or other hard surfaces, or by adding one metre of clean soil on top of the site.  For more details please see the CPU above.

Related Documents

By-laws and Shareholder Direction & Operating Agreement

Progress Reports

Developer Procurement

Municipal Development/Services Corporation


Midland Council has approved the creation of a Municipal Services/Development Corporation for the Midland Bay Landing development.  Midland Bay Landing (formerly the Unimin Lands) is a 16.24 hectare waterfront redevelopment property - our most significant land holding within the Town.

Public Open House

The Town held a Public Open House on October 30th, 2017.  The Town's Consultant, Don May, provided a presentation (which was also provided to Council on October 10th, 2017), followed by a Q&A period. 

What is a Municipal Development/Services Corporation?

A Municipal Development Corporation (MDC) is an entity which the municipality can create under the provisions of the Municipal Act.  The Town would retain complete and full ownership of the corporation. Municipalities have authority under the Municipal Act to create MDCs for any of the following purposes: ​

  • Promotion of the municipality;
  • Acquisition, development and disposal of sites in the municipality for residential, commercial and industrial uses;
  • Public transportation systems;
  • Residential Housing;
  • General Parking Facilities;
  • Small Business Counselling;
  • Community Improvement Plan Administration;
  • Improvement, beautification and maintenance of municipally owned land, buildings and structures;
  • Convention and Visitor information bureaus; and
  • Provision of culture and heritage systems.

Why a MDC for Midland?

  • Creation of a MDC provides Midland with a corporate structure to maximize the Return on Investment (ROI) of strategic land assets such as Midland Bay Landing;
  • It allows the Town to pursue investors to stimulate economic development concerning Town-owned assets;
  • A MDC would separate the role of Policy “Development/Creation” and “Execution” by establishing a Board of Directors to make decisions based upon Council’s strategic guidance and input;
  • A MDC would provide the ability to continue business surrounding land development without interruption during municipal election periods (i.e. lame-duck council).

Have other municipalities created these MDCs?

Yes. For various reasons other municipalities have undertaken the option to create a MDC:​

  • City of Ottawa (Ottawa Community Lands Development Corporation); 
  • City of Guelph (Guelph Municipal Holdings Corporation – including a Community Energy Corporation, Guelph Hydro, and Community Development Corporation); 
  • City of Toronto (Build Toronto – Designed to enhance Toronto’s competitiveness);
  • City of North Bay (Invest North Bay – economic development);
  • Town of Innisfil (InnServices Utilities Inc. – delivery of water and wastewater services);
  • City of London (Housing Development Corporation).
  • Town of Welland (land development initiatives)​

MDC Documents

Business Case for a Municipal Development Corporation Draft (Almost There Inc.) - August 19, 2018

Shareholder Direction and Operating Agreement - May 7, 2018

Resolution 2018-226 - April 23, 2018

Transmittal Memo MBLDC - April 23, 2018

CAO-2018-07 MSDC Board of Directors - April 10, 2018

Waterfront Lands Master Plan

Municipal Comprehensive Review

Town of Midland Official Plan

Environmental Reports

Environmental Reports:

Reports have been prepared in accordance with provincial requirements, including O. Reg 153/04,  in support of the filing of a Record of Site Condition for the site.  These reports are highly technical in nature  and as such if you have any questions about the site conditions or characterization, please contact the Town with any questions.  Please be advised that there is the  potential that the reports may be updated as part of the Risk Assessment process and the Town's consultants may either issue a revised report or a supplemental report depending on the nature of additional information required by the MOE during the review of the Risk Assessment. 

Stantec Ltd. Supplemental Phase 2 Final

76105.001 - Phase Two Report - 288 and 420 Bayshore Dr., Midland, ON - FINAL

​76105.002 - Phase One ESA RSC - Report - 288 and 420 Bayshore Drive, Midland, ON - FINAL